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>> good morning, everyone, today is sunday, it's november 4th, 2012, i'm gretchen carlson, thank you for sharing your time early this morning. and both candidates are blazing across the country. >> i have a clear and unequivocal message, with the right leadership, america is about to come roaring back. >> we have reporters fanned out across the country and live team coverage moments away. and both candidates in the critical swing state of 0 e-o, where exactly do the voters stand? we're going to go to ohio live to find out. >> from homes, people are still without power and why are the giant generators sitting empty in the parking
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lot as they were all weekend long? "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> hey, look who's working sunday morning? it's because, just 48 hours from now, the polls will be opening along the eastern seaboard in the united states as people go to pick a president and other horn races. >> so we'll be with you here on sunday morning for four hours, 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. eastern time and thanks for sharing your time. heading out to colorado where 17,000 people were energized for mitt romney as he went after the president's record yesterday as you can see. this is one of many stops, when we started in the morning he was in new hampshire and then was it iowa? >> iowa. >> iowa to colorado, ohio no doubt somewhere along in there. >> and also a big endorsement from news day here, usually a democrat endorsement not this year, and made the stops and
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probably the most emotional and the biggest to date since this campaign began in a perfect time, a perfect state. listen to mitt romney, i think he's right on key. >> four years, candidate obama promised to do so very much, but he has fallen so very short. i mean, he -- he promised he'd be a post partisan president, but he's been most partisan, dividing, attacking, blaming, he was going to focus on creating jobs, and instead he focused on creating obamacare that killed jobs. he said he was going to cut the federal deficit in half, but then he doubled it, how is it he's fallen so short of what he's promised, i think in part because he's never led, never worked across the aisle and how the jobs are created
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in the economy and today he's making new promises, promises he will not be able to keep because he admits he is planning on staying on the same path, the same course that will not lead to a better destination. the same path we're on means 20 trillion dollars in debt the end of a second term that he won't have. it means tripling unemployment. it means stagnant take home pay, depressed home values, a devastated military and by the way unless we change course we may be looking at another recession. so the question of this election comes down to this, do you want more of the same or do you want real change? >> and the crowd went wild. 17,000 there in inglewood, colorado. somebody who raced along with mitt romney was hall of fame nascar legend richard petty, said that, i feel bad about my home state of north carolina. he said we messed up four years ago by voting for obama, but we've had four years to
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think about the mistakes we've made. and mostly political when it came to to republicans. john mccain, rudy giant, marco rubio, rudy guiliani, from the stump not from the prompter or speech. ad-libbing and rick perry was out and the obama administration found themselves scrambling a little bit with, jen, is it-- trying to explain the revenge comment, and mitt romney emphasizing. >> turned it into an effective campaign ad in the final moments of this campaign. >> and jen said it had to do with the jeep chrysler situation, but if you go back and look at the speech that's not what he was talking about, not in context at that time and just two days left, mitt romney and the president pulling out the stops. and we have live team coverage for you this morning, phil keating is down in california, and we start with mike tobin
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in columbus, ohio, many still say voters there, mike, will decide of course, who actually wins this election and how it comes back to ohio. >> right. >> certainly does, that's why you have the candidates making the mad final dash in the buckeye state and both of them and the first lady made appearances yesterday. the obama campaign goes into the home stretch enjoying a significant lead in early voting returns, but the romney campaign says it's not as significant as the lead he held over john mccain in this same time frame. they believe they can make up the difference on election day, so, you have both sides going into the home stretch here extremely energized, the ground game, microtargeting of voters, personal contact is unlike anything you've seen in previous campaigns, we caught up with the group, americans for prosperity as they were mobilizing en masse and heading out into the neighborhoods. generally what you see with all of these door knock efforts is a mobilization of the base is the get out the
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vote effort. what americans for prosperity were doing, this time, they were actively trying to persuade the undecided voters. >> we're looking for the independents, for the folks who don't understand the issues or not up on the issues or knock on doors and give them literature and talk to them a little bit and find out where they stand and hopefully, bring them on board with americans for prosperity. >> and democrats are getting support from political action committee as well as the union. afl-cio has been making calls and sending out direct mailings and alone knocked on 70,000 doors and in the process of revisiting 70,000 homes if the individuals have not cast an early ballot. the monitoring of the polls is going to be so close here in ohio and other battle ground states, if you do not cast a ballot and the day is rolling on, you can anticipate a personal visit or a phone call from a campaign volunteer. back to you in new york.
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it's all about getting out the vote. thank you very much. early voting has come to answered in the battle ground state of florida, but not before many counties saw a record, gigantic lines. and phil keating joins us from tampa, and the numbers. it was crazy yesterday, phil. >> absolutely, reportedly six hour waits at certain locations in miami-dade county outside of the precinct on friday, three and a half hours all day long to stand in line, shuffle forward and finally cost their ballot. the numbers are big despite the fact in 2008 there was early voting on this sunday before election day, this year, there is not. and that's been a point of convention, democrats and democrat leaning groups have called that voting suppression engineered by the republican dominated legislature and governor's office in the state of florida. however, despite those cries, the numbers have been as good
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as they were back in 2008. take a look at numbers right now. nearly 4 million, this is through friday, nearly 4 million floridians voted early, by early voting or absentee ballot. and the way it breaks down, the most early voters stand in line and cast their ballot, 45% of those people are registered democrats, 36 are registered republicans so clearly democrats have the edge there on early voting, but when it comes to the mail-in absentee ballots here are the numbers that benefit the republicans, 43% mailed in by republican households, 39% from democratic households, of course, there's no saying exactly how those people, in spite of being registered with one of the parties, actually voted. there are certain many reports of cross over democrats voting
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for romney and vice versa and democrats voting for obama. the numbers are looking good and we'll have the absolute totals for early voting in the state of florida, it's the biggest battle ground state with 29 electoral college votes and later this afternoon and by the way, the latest poll came out yesterday and tampa bay tribune and miami herald showing romney leading by 6 points. >> and in most of the polls leading now, thanks a lot. appreciate it, phil. >> most of the polls have romney on top except one prominent poll. most in places lie virginia to understand people that were all hit by the storm, call inaudible, if they wanted to vote on time, either going to tents, going to trucks or they're going to have to find a way to-- if you're in new jersey, i don't get this, fax or e-mail your vote in. >> i don't know how they can regulate that. and peter doocy joins us from another battle ground state in virginia. good morning to you, peter.
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>> good morning, gretchen. mitt romney is going to be here in virginia for the final event of a four state day and first in ohio and pennsylvania. and he's going to be making his closing argument at each stop. >> yesterday, president obama asked his support,to vote for revenge. for revenge. instead, i ask the american people to vote for love of country. country. >> mitt romney's virginia event starts at 8:45. and president obama was here last night and bill clinton and dave mathews and told the crowd on tuesday he thinks they should stick with what they already are used to and what they know. >> after four years of stf
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this you know me, you know me. so, so when you -- when you're trying to sort through this argument about change, you know, part of what you have to ask yourself, who do you trust. >> and it's interesting the candidates keep coming here to virginia because yesterday was the last day to vote absentee in person, so, really, these events are just designed to try to get out the vote on tuesday and we were at a polling place in fairfax county, virginia, the biggest county that barack obama won yesterday as they were casting the absentee ballots the last they had and a sense of what the one issue in virginia is uniting voters and there's not one. we heard different folks talking about the military, some were talking about obamacare, some about jobs andsome say they were going to vote for obama because thing that mitt romney is giving him
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a bad rep, and no one way that they're leaning. >> all right, peter doocy. and the president laying it out like the pundit. >> you make the call. >> the more information about benghazi, the worse it seems do get and the cia is offering its play by play of events, the trouble is it's not the play by play others say took place. and the former cia covert operations mike baker in a tough spot today. got to comment on his old crew and security officials on the ground. >> and two men ransacked his home and the most terrifying moments of this man's life all caught on camera. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn
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medicare open enrollment. now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. ♪ >> fox news alert right now. out of libya hours ago, we understand in benghazi a car exploded in a police station injuring at least three officers and scene carted out into ambulances as fox news
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exclusively reveals brand new information on the attack in libya could make for greater fallout. the election two days and counting, the new report this, from the private security forces on the ground, blue mountain group located in wales goes against what the cia says happened. they claim to have raised the red flag hours before the attack, but no one from the cia responded. will anyone actually take the fall and will we get to the truth. mike baker, a former cia officer and llc, and the group says they called earlier than the cia time line reveals and saying i've seen the group get together, look like they're going to attack and you've he got to help in benghazi through two way radio and cell phone. >> i'm in an interesting situation, i think people realize that, former cia and now, a partner in a large security and intelligence firm. i've seen a lot of security
6:17 am
firms out there in hostile environments. i'm not going to disparage the blue mountain group, but i am going to say that the cia responded as soon as they got a call for help. the only reason the people got out of the consulate and to the base, the annex was because our guys, global response personnel. >> how many. >> less than a dozen made their way through the streets with small arms, they're not designed to carry out a long-term assault or defense. some type of cover to keep the whose tills out until the cavalry arrives ap the only reason the people got back to the annex and secured. >> brian: jennifer griffin reveals they had mach 48 machine guns. >> potent weapons against a handgun, but not against heavy weaponry and attackers. >> brian: do you believe the cia has been put together as the fall guy, slowly, but surely going to be looking like they messed up the
6:18 am
response? >> there's no surprise that the cia would be the fall guy, the scapegoat or get thrown under the bus, happens on a regular basis over the years, but the cia is a very, very handy target when it comes to casting blame, why? they don't. >> brian: they don't have a spokesperson. >> they don't go back up on capitol hill and say here is what happened? they keep their mouths shut because it's classified information. that's what you're supposed to do. they're used to getting kicked around and go back and do their job. >> brian: i want you to hear senator john mccain yesterday and seems in the cia's corner seeming to get in the bottom of it and certainly a fan of david petraeus. >> president obama wanted to say that osama bin laden is gone and al-qaeda is on the run. al-qaeda is not on the run, they're all over iraq, pouring into syria, taken over northern mali, balls of the weak and feckless leadership this have president, al-qaeda
6:19 am
is not only on the run or decimat decimated. they're far, far stronger than four years ago. >> brian: is senator mccain on the money? >> saying that they're stronger than they were four years ago is tough. they morph, that's what they do. they're adaptable. and this administration has been successful in taking out a lot of leadership and secondary as well and yet, al-qaeda has always demonstrated an ability to bring up new people. sometimes not as qualified as some that have been whacked, but reorganize in different euros and by the time we finished tora bora, they could care less, they were elsewhere, and in a way, he's right. part of the assessment you go back ap forth. the binge with benghazi this isn't just one issue, why the public is sometimes getting confused. there are several parts to this. the administration, the state
6:20 am
department which has responsibility for security overseas and security and personnel, they have the opportunity over a year ago when that consulate was established to do the right thing, take a security review and at high operating department and create a facility. they had an opportunity to respond in force, send the cavalry in before when the attack started and chose not to do so and an opportunity to be transparent and they haven't done it. >> brian: and we have to find out why still. mike baker, thank you for joining us on sunday. 48 hours before election day. and why did he throw support behind mitt romney. could mitt romney win the popular vote and president obama take the electoral college? what would that mean? well, it would mean president obama for four more years. ♪
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>> many americans were shocked when bush banish defeated vice-president al gore without winning the popular vote. but did you know he wasn't the first? in fact, four u.s. presidents have been elected to office without winning the popular votes all in tight races like the one decide this had week, could it all happen again? presidential historian joins us with perspective, good morning to you, nick. >> good morning, gretchen. >> this just happened 12 years ago and many people have been speculating that president obama might win electorally, but mitt romney might win the popular vote. how do you see it? >> well, it's sort of becoming a trend as you mentioned, it happened 12 years ago and three other times in history and it could very well happen again. we see that mitt romney in a lot of the polls is leading, and we've seen other polls, obama is leading and depends where the electoral college, those eight swing states that people are talking about,
6:25 am
ohio, new hampshire, virginia, others, depends what happens in those states. amazingly enough this election has turned into an election for about eight states. >> gretchen: and some people are upset about that and gins up the discussion, whether or not there should be a change. let's take a look at the map. when you look at the popular vote. president obama 49% and mitt romney ahead of him barely. 49.4%. what do you make of the fact that let's say this plays out. do you think that there will be a call to change the way in which we vote for president in this country? >> i think there will. if you remember in 2000 after that election, a lot of scholars and pundits, said we should get rid of the electoral college and if this happens again and romney wibs the popular vote and obama the presidency, it's extremely
6:26 am
difficult to amend the constitution, long and drawn out for a reason, i think if we see it twice in 12 years there will be calls by some to get rid of the electoral college and go right to the popular vote. >> gretchen: as a historian that must pain you, right? >> well, i think it's interesting, it's a good debate. good to revisit the constitution and have the discussionen why did we have an electoral college to begin with. to protect the small states and allow them to have a voice fit wasn't for that, we wouldn't be paying attention to iowa, new hampshire and smaller states that have three, four, five electoral college votes, a shame if we got rid of it, but nice to see that debate. >> it will be nice to see exactly what happens, but one little angle of the entire discussion, but the perfect person. presidential historian. >> good chatting with you. >> gretchen: the president raising eyebrows with this comment?
6:27 am
>> voting is the best revenge. >> gretchen: mitt romney firing back, and what he said in response, imagine this, held at gun point, while two men ransack your home. the most terrifying moments of this man's life all caught on camera. right back. at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies. that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪ our city streets... ♪ skies around the world... ♪
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so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones.
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so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. >> is anyone worried that the last four years are the best we can do, if there's anyone who fears that the american dream is fading away, if there's anyone who wonders whether better jobs and better
6:31 am
paychecks ap things of the past, i have a clear and unequivocal message, with the right leadership, america is about to come roaring back. (cheers) >> and there you see mitt romney last night in a gigantic rally, 17,000 in inglewood. it's interesting in the last 24, 48 hours, the president of the united states has actually given mitt romney a gigantic hammer to hit the president with. if you remember, a couple of days ago, 1:30 in the afternoon, friday afternoon, the president of the united states said people should vote for revenge. listen. >> and at the time the republican congress, any senate candidate by the name of mitt romney, no, no, no, don't boo, vote. vote. voting is the best revenge. >> steve: and apparently the challenger mitt romney saw
6:32 am
those comments and riding on the campaign bus and i've got to work that into my comments. and at 8:30 revenge came out of his mouth. and using revenge and turned it around on the president. >> yesterday, president obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. four revenge. instead, i ask the american people to vote for love of country. . >> steve: and less than 12 hours after the revenge comment, mr. romney had nis comments and mr. obama in his commercials. >> gretchen: it's interesting, the choice of words. the president was off the teleprompter and revenge, probably wants to take that back. when you want revenge on somebody, you've won a contest and get back at them.
6:33 am
and they haven't been in a contest, looking back at the debates. >> the president taking them back, but i was amazed bill clinton was out there yesterday and using the word rom-nesia. wait a minute, you're the former president of the united states, using words to describe in a 30 second ad what might be romney's changing policies and i thought maybe he was above that. and the president. united states referred to himself as a prop in the campaign, a prop on the campaign and in the end just one of the facets of it. and in the sprint to the finish, and one talking about bipartisan, and the president saying stick to the 12 battle ground states, but anybody who says they know exactly what's going to happen. you can say what you think is going to happen.
6:34 am
anyone who says they know what is going to happen. >> because it comes down to on tuesday, who is going to get up on tuesday and actually going to vote. both sides say it's all about turnout, which side is more motivated. we'll know tuesday night. and in six states all the places have really changed. and to the rest of your headlines and talk more, a police helicopter goes down leaving two officers dead. the scene in atlanta georgia, the chopper hit power lines while searching for a missing child. >> we were investigating a missing child, a nine-year-old missing child, the kept unit was called in for additional assistance on the search, as we arrived on the scene, the two officers aboard had tragically died as well. >> no one was hurt on the ground. 1300 people did lose power and the police officers names have not yet been released and the missing child found safe. >> steve: meanwhile, two days ago they promised to send the generators from the canceled new york city marathon to
6:35 am
areas destroyed by sandy. >> and be clear that all of the assets that this marathon currently has, generators, other equipment, good, water, will be redeployed to people who need it. >> steve: oh, really? this morning's new york post reporting that some of the generators sat idle all day yesterday on saturday. in a rental company parking lot out in new jersey, not helping anybody. on top of that, ten heaters were hooked up in a medical tent for the marathon, even though, they were never used and nobody was there. >> sponsors evidently pressured them to cancel the marathon, believe it or not and you have something else. >> steve: apparently the police and firefighters were not going to work it, that's why they canceled it. >> brian: a former top aide to hillary clinton throwing her support to mitt romney? she was a state director for clinton when clinton was a senator and says, quote, governor romney has a plan to restore the prosperity the country deserves and respects and work with people of goodwill no matter their party
6:36 am
and pursue the policies that in the best interest of the country no matter who proposes them. >> gretchen: and moments of their lives caught on camera. police are looking for two men who terrified people in a home. unthreatening with a woman with a gun and another dragged a man into the home with a gun to his head. they got away with wallets and no one was seriously hurt. now time to turn it over it rick reichmuth, one of the biggest issues on election day is the forecast, and the nor'easter that may be coming our way again on the east coast. >> to the same battered area, election day not looking the best. take a look at the map, the green rain and the white is cloud cover, this is 6 a.m. tuesday through the day. and just a little bit of light rain across parts of wisconsin and across parts of the south. so places like north florida, georgia, south carolina and late in the day maybe heavier
6:37 am
rain towards parts of coastal north carolina, if you're headed there that day, that storm that we're worried about into the day on wednesday and of course, areas across the northeast, in towards parts of jersey, another cold night tonight. but if we are he going to get through the next three days and then watch the storm that's looking more and more scary, i hate to say it, probably some very windy conditions for people who don't have power, wind along the coast may be a little bit of storm surge and very, very cold rain on thursday, election day is looking pretty good. >> steve: that's what we want to hear. >> brian: not wednesday, thursday. >> gretchen: meantime, thousands of people swamp mobile stations in new york giving out free gas, but turned away until the first responders got the fuel first and led police to arrest one man. joining us live from hoboken, new jersey with the latest developments, our own heather childers, some tense situations going on out there, heather. >> reporter: good morning, gretchen. we're just across the hudson
6:38 am
river from manhattan in hoboken where about 50,000 people live, a little more than half of those people are still without power. that's because several power stations, they were swamped, flooded with water, three feet of salt water flooded the stations and 25 high powered generators were brought in to help. take a look, across the river in lower manhattan, a sure sign of progress and good news. the lights are back on in lower manhattan, although across the new york city metropolitan area, and 900,000 people still remain without electricity. and as a result, you're mentioning this long lines at gas stations all across new york and new jersey, and in new york city, the department of defense brought in 5,000 gallons, fuel trucks, they positioned them at five locations across the city, to distribute free gas, although they say that first priority, as you mentioned, remains with first responders and emergency vehicles. they do say that no one will be turned away and we were at one of the sites in staten
6:39 am
island yesterday, and people were able to fuel up there. in new jersey, measures also being brought into effect. an odd-even number system, based on your license late. although people that we've talked with, they say, you know, not everyone is playing by the rules. >> there's an even number car there and not one thing said to them. . >> and what i'm going to do, and i cannot turn away, got to get gas. >> and all right. so there are some uplifting news or uplifting stories as a result of this storm. in long island, about half a million people still remain without power, the people are turning out to help. in long beach, for example, volunteers, they turned out to distribute food and clothing and supplies and help those in need. here in new jersey, back in hoboken, governor chris christie will be joined by homeland security janet napolitano who will tour the damaged areas and we'll bring
6:40 am
that to you later today. back to you. >> brian: of course. >> steve: she heads up homeland security and-- thank you very much, heather. when it comes to water, ran out of water and apparently won't have any more water until monday, didn't start getting bids for water until friday. >> brian: i will say two things about fema, they're just getting out now and gas in their cars and almost everybody i saw had deployment with fema, did not have anybody show up and the calls are coming out today. evidently having trouble finding gas in order to come to stuff, i'm not sure. when they show up they're evaluating not telling people what exactly they're going to get. comparing it to what i bent through in malibu, able to cut checks and tell you where to go for the red cross. >> steve: and brian, with the people who weren't are you yesterday. you lost the first floor of your house. >> brian: i'm lucky, my neighbor's houses flat-out blew up f you don't have power or somebody is waiting on flood insurance to show up
6:41 am
this could help you showed up yesterday, a guy in texas, drove all night and teamed up with a guy from arkansas and working it. showed them a water line only had to see one, okay then, took up the floors and caught out the side and also if it comes to content insurance, i didn't have, it didn't know it and cut it out without informing us beau if you have built in furniture, would count. also, if you have estimates on things, get it on letterhead, this way they can leave with all the information and, and finally, i did not see one gas line, less than a mile long yesterday, not one. last night you think it was cold, think about staying in somebody's house more fortunate to have a generator. nobody i know who had a generator had gas for the generator. it's about 30 degrees here and it's absolutely still a mess. >> steve: my next-door neighbor called me yesterday, hey, we're out of gas, i've got two kids, we gave them our gas. >> brian: you put on another sweatshirt. >> steve: we did. another layer on.
6:42 am
>> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," president ronald reagan says freedom is never more than one generation of extinction? is president obama moving us in that direction. >> steve: there are details about watergate you've never heard before. that's all about to change. ♪ [ male announcer ] do you have the legal protection you need?
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>> a couple of quick headlines for you now. an american student in critical condition in rome, reconsciousness, his roommate stabtd stabbed him 25 times. the suspect tells he doesn't remember the attack at all.
6:46 am
some documents in the watergate case must be released, a request. the motivation between the break in at dnc headquarters. >> steve: president obama and mitt romney offer two different views of exceptionalism. >> i believe in american exceptionalism justs i expect that brits believe m british exceptionalism and the greeks believe in gre the burr dn
6:47 am
of leading the free world is america's burden, it's not an honor, it's not, we're number one. and a lot of people don't believe in it and a lot of people on the far left think it's a bad idea. if we don't provide leadership, who in the world do you think will, vladimir putin, the united nations, if it's not our job, who will do it. >> steve: and we played the sound bite the president saying i believe in american exceptionalism and the british believe in british
6:48 am
exceptionalism and greeks saying they believe in greek exceptionalism. >> like saying in lake woe bee gone, and there are differences about america from most other countries, for example, anybody from anywhere in the world can come here and become an american. an american looks like you, an american looks like jeremy lin, an american looks like tiger woods, an american looks like bobby jindal. if you go to japan, a wonderful country and you learn perfect japanese and take japanese citizenship, nobody thinks of you as japanese. these are exposure and our ber den hes are special. it's boimportant not just for us, but for the world. if we defend liberty and those who would like to be free if not in their lives, their kids lives. >> steve: we're the last super power out there. what is hanging in the balance regarding american exceptionalism and this election? >> well, it's a matter of
6:49 am
america's mission in the world. it's a matter of america's identity in the world and i think one of the things i worry about are those who are trans national progressives who want to see the u.n. become a global government, and the u.n. and china and russia which are not yet democratic country. they have veto power on the security council and the general assembly is controlled by nations, despotism, and either we defend it as reagan said or it goes away. and freedom is not the birth right of every human being without everybody fighting for it. >> well put. >> that's an exceptional interview. thank you for hauling yourself out of bed early on that sunday morning. what do you think about that, e-mail us. and the industry is thriving and all because of what they're doing below the surface of the earth. what is the future of american
6:50 am
fuel, green or gas? then mitt romney shares a personal story that brings a crowd of 17,000 to its feet, gave goose bumps. how an american flag and a scout leader are making headlines. who is that guy who just absoluted? what's that flag? we're going to tell you. ♪ [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems,
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6:53 am
>> politicians say they want to reduce the dependence on foreign oil and who is really going to do it? >> well, it all comes down to policies enacted at home and
6:54 am
both have different ideas how they pull it off. >> now, governor romney will say he's got an all of the above plan, but basically his plan is to let the oil companies write the energy policies. so he's got the oil and gas part, but he doesn't have the clean energy part. >> i will fight to create more energy in this country to get america energy secure and part of that is bringing in a pipeline of oil from canada, taking advantage of the oil and coal we have here, drilling off shore in alaska, drilling off shore in virginia where people want it. those things will get us the energy we need. >> gretchen: and joining us now from state of pennsylvania, abundance of natural gas, that is. from the department of environmental protection, good to see you, sir. >> thank you very much, gretchen. >> gretchen: when you hear the two different opinions on this, what do you think? >> well, i know what we're doing here in pennsylvania, that is we're developing our massive domestic energy
6:55 am
resources with the state taking charge of that in a sound and protected manner and we're a divorce energy portfolio. we truly are in pennsylvania and all of the above. the bottom line, energy equals jobs and we've got an energy juggernaut and a jobs juggernaut in pennsylvania. >> brian: in new york we benefit so much. upstate new york is so depressed, and fracking ca capabilities and look into it. but 240,000 jobs created in your state and 1 million on the country and on track for almost 4 million in fracking in 2045. nothing to do with the state and grurns who see potential in natural gas, correct? >> you hit the nail on the head. it's all about the states exercising stewardship and leadership and right now the federal government is trying to interferon many, many
6:56 am
levels. ten different federal governments and ten different agencies trying to get a piece of fracking, and that's unprecedented. and the states with fracturing in theirs. >> gretchen: are you analogous to north -- north dakota. >> and philly was saved in large part because of horizontal drilling and fracturing of shale formation and crude in north dakota, we have the possibility in america right now if we make the right decisions to become energy secure and fuel an energy super power moving forward. >> brian: mike a great story not often told despite matt damon's propaganda movie about fracking. >> gretchen: and what brought
6:57 am
people to their feet. >> brian: she could not pay the bills, the news that could change this grandma's life forever for the better. that story you have to hear and will hear if you keep it on "fox & friends" weekend. ♪
6:58 am
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7:00 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, november 4th, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. only two days until the election day and both candidates are making their final arguments. >> i'm going to get back to work to help americans get back to work. >> gretchen: our live team coverage just moments away. >> brian: is it really two days away. >> gretchen: it is. the election, brian. >> brian: i can't believe it. another day, another secret revealed. four americans left to die in benghazi and the white house is keeping their lips sealed as you know, but congressman mike kelly is not. he put together a letter, he has a plan and he'll discuss that live. >> steve: in the wake of monster superstorm sandy, many
7:01 am
are still without power. why are generators sitting in an empty parking lot? those could be lighting up hundreds of homes, we'll talk about that and so much more, you're watching live from new york, a special "fox & friends" on this sunday morning. ♪ >> good morning, everyone, thanks for sharing your time with us today. how great was it to get an extra hour of sleep? toss that out there. i like that rolling back situation. >> brian: right. although i like the glory of leaping forward knowing it's spring upon us and wearing tank tops to work again and shorts. >> gretchen: i forgot about the tight shorts. >> steve: we're going to need an extra hour of sleep in 48 hours before people start voting on tuesday morning, and you know what?
7:02 am
they're in a sprint, the two candidates for president of the united states. mitt romney had the largest crowd thus far in colorado, englewood. 17,000 people there. it's interesting, throughout his campaign, he has told one story during a stump speech and involves this, he heard from a scout leader out in monument, colorado, a story about how their troop, boy scout troop wanted a special flag and they convinced somebody to fly it over the u.s. capitol which was fantastic. and then extraordinarily, nasa said, boy scouts, we'd like to take that flag on the space shuttle challenger in 1986. and yep, that flight. and here is mitt romney yesterday in colorado. >> he is said you can imagine the pride of our boys, sitting at rooms in school watching the tv set as they saw the space challenger shuttle in the air and saw it explode on the tv screen in front of their eyes and he said he called nasa a km of weeks
7:03 am
later, and said have you found any remnant of our flag, they had not. he called every week, week after week, month after month and still no remnant of the flag from that terrible disaster and then said he was reading an article in the paper and described some of the debris from the challenger disaster, and it mentioned a flag. and called nasa again and they said in fact we have a presentation to make to your boys, so, nasa came together and the boys were there and he said they presented the boys with a plastic container and they opened it up and inside was the american flag, their flag, in perfect condition. (cheers). >> . >> brian: and mitt romney said he hadn't seen that flag in ten or 15 years and then he called the scout leader to the stage, it had been prearranged and the scout leader from monument, colorado and the scout leader, williamtollbert with the flag in hand. it gave people goose bumps.
7:04 am
>> and what an amazing story and that jam coming out on the stage and it be obviously talks about the spirit of the american people, and it's emblematic in the fact that the flag would still be intact. >> steve: it's important, we don't have a space program and we can't get there anymore without a cosmonaut. >> steve: and mitt romney says i've been telling the story and william did i get the story right? he said, mr. romney, you did indeed. >> gretchen: a tough town for president obama and mitt romney, as both working to 270 electoral votes. we have live coverage. >> brian: prove it, prove it to us. >> steve: now i believe it. >> gretchen: and in florida, wendall goler and mike tobin in columbus, in the battle ground state that probably will decide it all. good morning, mike good morning, gretchen. the candidates are making a mad dash trying to woo voters. every single voter in the buckeye state has received a
7:05 am
great deal of personal attention, because of that according to the secretary of state, early voting is setting records, 1.6 million ohioans have dropped off a ballot. as far as absentee ballots mailed out. 85% have been returned. now shall the early voting returns are showing that the president does enjoy a significant lead so far here in the buckeye state. the romney campaign says it's not as significant as it was four years ago. republicans believe they will outperform democrats on election day and close that gap. both sides are going to the 11th hour, energized and optimistic. the controversy over the attacks in benghazi is playing a role here. you have demonstrators, conservative demonstrators who will line the route of the president's motorcade, demanding answers about benghazi. >> the american people before election day when everybody is going to vote, what happened and what his administration was a part of, that's --
7:06 am
that's not american. >> now, democrats echo what you hear from the campaigns largely. and wait for the report due out in december, and don't politicize the issue. now on to phil keating in tampa. >> thanks, mike. just as is the case, in the buckeye state. early voting numbers in the state of florida, the largest battle ground state with 29 electoral college votes, record setting numbers just like 2008, when so many people turned out and ended up electing president barack obama. the numbers in, and the long lines that early voting precincts, they were like six hours at some places yesterday, three and a half hours, four hours, all day long on friday, there's no early voting today. early voting has wrapped up in the state of florida and that was because of the republican legislature and the republican governor in florida trying to change the early voting laws from 2008 to this year.
7:07 am
and there was a lot of outcry that that was voter suppression by democrats, however, the numbers are not less than they were in 2008. now, what we have so far, a nearly 4 million floridians have already voted early, and that's by standing in line, early voting, as well as as mailing in absentee ballots. and here is how it breaks down as far as registered voters. as far as early voting goes, democrats have the edge. 45% of those people who voted early are registered democrats, 36% republican, but when it comes to the absentee ballots, republicans have the edge, 43% to 39%. so, right now in florida, and taking a little breath. the polls, the latest ones from the miami-dade herald and tampa bay tribune showing romney leading president obama by a solid 6 points. back to you in new york. i mean, actually we're going to wendell goler in concorde, new hampshire. >> reporter: the president is campaigning in new hampshire,
7:08 am
iowa, colorado, and tomorrow, wisconsin, ohio, iowa, he was in ohio yesterday, if you notice a common thread. the race is so close even electoral votes are important. and no republican has gone to the white house without. yesterday in mentor, ohio mr. obama campaigned pass the candidate of change, of course not produced the change in washington that he promised in 2008. still, he said his critics are vetting the people turned off by the partisanship of the past four years and depress the voter turnout and he rallied people to go to the polls, here is a bit of what he had to say. >> and that's why i need you, ohio to make sure their voices are heard, to make sure your voices are heard. i want to keep fighting for you, and we've come to far to
7:09 am
turn back now. >> the president in mentor, ohio, tomorrow, in columbus, ohio, and we'll see you there. back to you in new york. >> steve: thank you very much. one of the things the president's team the thing that the president has for him is his likability. back in august the president of the united states was 50's oon mitt romney was 40's. according to the brand new washington abc poll, mitt romney and barack obama are currently tied in exactly the same likability. >> gretchen: you could attest to the debate performance for mitt romney would be the first indicator, probably the first one and the president has gone negative and that-- >> dislikability has taken. >> gretchen: and chip away at your likability. >> unless you go negative. >> brian: what else is going on. >> gretchen: a police helicopter unfortunately goes down leaving two officers dead. that was the scene in atlanta, georgia at 10:30 last night and the chopper hit power lines while searching for a missing child. . >> we were investigating a missing child, a nine-year-old missing child.
7:10 am
the helicopter unit was called in for additional assistance on the search of the as we arrived on the scene and with two officers aboard, and tragically died as well. >> gretchen: no one on the ground was hurt and people lost power and the names of the police officers was released and the missing child was found. and two days ago they promised to send the generators to be used for the marathon for the victims hurricane sandy. . >> and you will of the equipment, and food water deployed to people who need it. >> gretchen: this morning's new york post reporting some of the generators sat idle all day in a rental company's parking lot in new jersey and on top of that ten heaters hooked up in a medical tent for the marathon even though they're no longer needed. and trouble paying her bills and feeding her family.
7:11 am
she was a millionaire and didn't know it. she won the 23 million jackpot in may and never checked the ticket. california lottery officials released this surveillance photo of the person who bought the ticket and it was her daughter. at first, she couldn't believe her eyes. >> so i put my 99 cent-- and two pairs to see and it was charlena, and i thought she robbed a bank. >> i'm just so happy. >> well, that grandma found the ticket in her car and she claimed the prize. if she waited another 25 days she would have lost the entire jackpot and she says most the money will go to her two disabled sons. what a fantastic story we need more of those after a week and ten days. >> in the nick of time. keep scratching off. another day, another secret revealed. four americans left to die in benghazi and the white house keeping their lips sealed to this point. congressman mike kelly live. we'll tell what you the latest
7:12 am
is. >> steve: your mom probably told you be careful what you wish for. this fighting learning that the hard way. [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes!
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7:15 am
>> we've got a fox news alert from benghazi, three police officers are hurt when a car explodes in front of their station. we'll keep you updated. this happening on the same day that a new report released, security guards in benghazi complained about the attack, and the lack of urgency in the u.s. response may have ultimately cost the americans their lives. the cia has a different take. >> steve: now, 53 members of congress sent a letter to president obama and secretary of state mhillary clinton demanding answers and one of those mike kelly of pennsylvania. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, guys, how are
7:16 am
you. >> steve: we're doing okay. we like you, are trying to get to the members of things. the members of press asked the members of the state department and they stonewall us. you're a member of congress and they're stonewalling you. >> 53 of my colleagues we wrote a letter to secretary of state clinton and president obama, and did we do enough? based on what we learn each day we saw it coming. at a time when it's most vulnerable, the administration backed off on security. they could have beefed up security, but backed off on it and could have pulled the ambassador out, but didn't and left him there and now as we learn every day, one of the most ominous premonitions we found out sean smith said, if we don't die tonight-- and a someone taking pictures inside the consulate. when we saw it coming why
7:17 am
didn't we react. what was the reason for not doing it and i want to thank fox news, you're the one the champions of the story, catherine herridge remarkable work. why? what is so damning about the information? and john 8:31, now you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. the american people are wonderful and for giving if you make a mistake, one thing they won't accept is being lied to or misled to protect somebody or an administration that seems complicit in a coverup really past being the smell test. this has a stench and people in pennsylvania that i walk and talk to are really outraged by the way this administration has handled this. it's appalling. >> brian: congressman, it seems like a different fall guy every day and now blue mountain is accusing the cia and a private security firm from wales, get that, hired to protect the embassies and are you saying the cia has the time line wrong or someone else making the other entities fight when others are to
7:18 am
blame? >> now what? we can't get to the truth. if it isn't for your reporting we're never going to get this information and it's, again, why? why the length of time. why the stalling? and one of the things i think is really damning, you know, you get going back to the 15 minute youtube, i heard jay carney say what perfect do you have that the video was the cause of it, his answer, what proof do you have that it wasn't. listen, i got past that in junior high. the american people have a right to know. chairman issa starts every oversight, and the american people have the right to know and we have the responsibility to find out. and i swear, this country, that this committee will get to the bottom of this and if it takes dragging the administration, kicking and screaming, into a committee meeting to testify, that's what we're going to do. >> steve: congressman the smith family. >> the smith family, woods family doherty family needs to know the truth. >> steve: and sean smith's
7:19 am
mother says she holds the president responsible for the murder of her son. >> and the administration says, calm down, everybody, we will have an investigation out, the results by middle of the december. when the results come out, will you trust them? >> well, you know what, the office of the presidency requires somebody of great character and great strength and i, i have the greatest respect as the whole world of the office of the presidency, unfortunately we've watched the last four years after consistent approach of incapability, time after time. i do not have the faith and trust that i would like to have in this particular president and the american people have the opportunity in about two days to speak out on the way they feel the office of the presidency has been held. and i can't overstate the fact that there seems to be accomplicety by the secretary of state i don't know where she is, and an administration that seems complicit in the coverup of one ever the most
7:20 am
egregious and shameful events in the history of this country. >> why you wrote the letter and were you with us on this sunday. 48 and counting to the big verdict, the election day, congressman mike kelly, thank you very much. >> thank you, guys. >> steve: exactly 20 minutes after the top of the hour on sunday morning. next up shall the secret to winning the swing state of ohio, and mitt romney mass an edge there that senator mccain didn't have t. >> brian: sarah palin did something big to make sure that romney wins. we'll hear what she said. ♪ new trident layers juicy berry + tangy tangerine is a thrilling, dual-flavored ride to mouth fun-town. but it's not like everyone is going to break into a karaoke jam session. ♪ this will literally probably never happen.
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7:24 am
>> news by the numbers. $5,000 how much sarah palin's political action committee donated to mitt romney's campaign. why wait until the last minute. and people voted early in ohio 1.1 million nearly using absentee ballots and how much crime is down in new york city after the monster storm called sandy, overall. 480 fewer crimes between monday and friday, why? no one can use the phone. >> gretchen: that's the only piece of good news. thanks, brian. no recent republican has won the white house without winning the state of ohio. that's why mitt romney and president obama are going allout in that state in the last few days. >> after four years as president, you know me. you may not agree with every decision i've made, you may at times have been frustrated by the pace of change, but you know what i believe. you know where i stand. you know i tell the truth. >> your state is the one i'm
7:25 am
counting on, by the way. this is the one we have to win. the question of this election comes down to this, do you want more of the same or do you want real change? >> so which candidate has the better chance at winning the buckeye state? joining me now is national political reporter for real clear politics and a native buckeye herself. erin, good to see you. >> you, too, thanks. >> gretchen: i know you're from ohio and know the importance firsthand, but you actually believe that both of these candidates right now think that they're both going to win, right? >> they do. and the reason for that is both campaigns have internal polling that shows them up two or three points. but what i would say, gretchen, when elections are very tight in ohio they tend to tilt toward the republican, but the obama campaign has felt very confident for the past year that they will win, but still, in tight elections can tend to go to the right. >> gretchen: why? an interesting point you bring
7:26 am
up. why did tight elections tend to tilt to the republicans. >> association conservative where i am in southwest ohio in cincinnati and dayton and the surrounding suburbs, the people here do tend to be a little bit more socially conservative. it's not particularly true in the northern part of the state where president obama is expected to do well, but the state that has a little bit of population loss, so it's a new game they're playing this cycle as oppose today cycles past, it's going to be a different showdown we'll see this time. >> gretchen: let's take a look at facts about ohio, 18 electoral college votes at stake, that's why it's so important. no republican has ever lost ohio and won the election. the last candidate to move ohio and still win was a democrat, jfk in 1960 and ohio voted for the winner of the past eight elections. i guess this is why the candidates have been basically living in ohio? >> that's true and for both mitt romney and president
7:27 am
obama, in order to get to at least 270 electoral votes, both of them seem to be counting on this state and that's why we're seeing them both here today. we saw them both here on friday and they'll both be here on monday as well. >> gretchen: it's all about the turnout, right, erin? really nobody can say who is going to win this state and it's all about the turnout and from your reporting there, you see a difference in the ground game between the two candidates. >> i do, let me add first, also, that president obama campaigned in two counties that he lost when he was here on friday and the reason for that, they want to touch as many voters as possible and come back to cincinnati several times and he'll be here today and cincinnati is not a city where president obama is particularly popular, it's not an area that he won in 2008. for both the candidates it's about getting everywhere they can throughout the state. paul ryan had a bus tour throughout ohio last weekend, about eight stops and he was campaigning through the center of ohio to touch as many
7:28 am
people in the suburbs he possibly could. >> gretchen: i feel like i know ohio, well, having worked in cincinnati, cleveland and my husband is from columbus. >> oh, wow. >> gretchen: good to see you, erin. one station handed out free gas during the middle of the gas shortage, wait until you hear how this ends, unfortunately it wasn't pretty. we go up close with some of the neighbors hardest hit by hurricane sandy. . >> i'm jamie colby in breezy point, new york when a congressman becomes a constituent and loses had all. and are they getting it all new york congressman bob turner in his own words coming up. and a trip to the one place with the new ideas that help us pull it all together. from the things that hang and shine... the things that sparkle and jingle. all while saving the things that go in our wallet.
7:29 am
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from the beginning. it's what they've always done. not just something they cheap about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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7:32 am
>> he says it has to be this way. i say it can't stay this way. he's offering excuses, i've got a plan. i can't wait to get going. he's hoping we'll settle, but americans don't settle. we build, we inspire, we always hear that voice inside a better life for our kids, a bigger better country is coming soon. >> steve: mitt romney last night in inglewood, colorado, the biggest crowd thus far in the the state of colorado accord to go the locals out
7:33 am
there in the copolls, tied. and the president won last time around. >> yes, and the democratic convention, and propelled that state. 's not going to have as ease atime with colorado or north carolina, but north carolina he started moving up again and sent the first lady there yesterday. >> and in pennsylvania they're tied. >> you never know where ins going. >> no way this end at midnight or at ten. my hunch we're going to get a handoff, i believe, probably in sean hannity, who is never going to be on at four o'clock, and "fox & friends" first, it's not going to be decided. that's my hunch. >> steve: keep watching starting on tuesday morning and we will not be off the air until we have a winner. >> gretchen: and hopefully we won't have 2000 again because we would need a shower after all of those days with the hanging chads. in the final days of the election, the candidates are
7:34 am
focusing on crucial swing states especially virginia the race is very tight and peter doocy is live from ocoquan. where is that. >> brian: 60 miles-- >> could you go someplace ease toy pronounce? >> reporter: okay, for next hour. >> brian: good. >> reporter: yeah, we can go back to fairfax and move the truck, but mitt romney is going to come to an easy part of virginia to announce, newport news, he'll be there later on this evening and president obama was in virginia last night in bristow, both are making a big push to get out the vote in virginia because they've got 13 electoral votes here and as of friday, only 357,000 virginians had cast their ballots, there are tons of votes up for grabs. virginia is a big prize and now is the time for closing arguments.
7:35 am
yesterday president obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. for revenge, instead i ask the american people to vote for love of country. >> and president obama's virginia event last night, which featured former president bill clinton and musician dave mathews, president obama basically said that the next four years will be better if voters just stick with what they know. >> after four years as president, you know me. you know me. so, so, so when you-- when you're trying to sort through this argument about change you know, part of what you have to ask yourself is who do you trust. >> so the race for the the white house here in virginia is very close and so is the race for the open u.s. senate
7:36 am
seat between two former virginia governors, george allen and tim kaine and at this point they're pushing for voters in virginia who are willing to vote both democrat and republican on the same ballot. so, supporters of president obama are who george allen is going after, basically looking for who support the president's reelection and willing to think back to the days of an allen governorship and say, we can use him working for us in washington or the flip side of that, tim kaine is looking for folks who support romney for president and likely not going to change their mind in the next two days, but they say, we remember when tim kaine was governor and we think that he would be a good u.s. senator for us. back to you. >> steve: all right. peter doocy live in owquanon. >> and over to rick reichmuth our weather picture. >> not that bad, at least the
7:37 am
election is tuesday, weather problems on wednesday, but tuesday, the precursor is rain in the south. georgia, south carolina, north florida, south florida will be fine, but that bulls eye is the showers. cool day across the northeast and a little bit of light showers across wisconsin maybe northern illinois and by the time we get towards the afternoon, but the central part of the country is spectacular, warm, not any real cold air there, the west is looking good exempt for the far pacific northwest, a few showers and not anything of significance. overall not that bad. quickly want to take you to the northeast and obviously the people reeling from what happened with sandy and another cool morning, temperatures in the 30's right now and low 40's, but tonight another cold one. a lot of areas below freezing again. so, tonight another dangerous night and then we start to look towards the day on wednesday and we're watching potential nor'easter, a coastal storm, not a sandy type storm, but a storm we generally get this time of year because of that and what's happened with sandy,
7:38 am
winds gusting to 50 miles per hour along the coast and that means off the beaches, two to three feet of the storm surge again, winds 50 miles per hour and very heavy rain for about a 12 to 18 hour period and guys, who are dealing with that, unfortunately, it's going to be a very rough one on wednesday. >> air not kidding, are you, rick. >> i'm not. >> and plus the four-letter word, snow. >> no in interior sections, could be snow on the coast with this one, a nor'easter, we can't tell you that until monday afternoon. >> brian: a four letter word to describe snow. >> gretchen: that was dangerous territory going to the four letter word. we'll check back with you, sometimes soon, rick, thanks. >> steve: one of the communities hardest hit by superstorm sandy, breezy point, new york. a beach side community in queens devastated by the storm that was destroyed by a massive fire. at least 131 homes gone. congressman bob turner lost
7:39 am
everything, our own jamie colby toured the wreckage with the congressman. >> congressman, how do you even describe this? >> this looks like a war zone. what we see behind us here is remains of 131 homes, of my friends and neighbors for many years. >> reporter: how efficient is the effort. >> i was on the ground firsthand, in belle harbor and brook channel, where people felt terribly abandoned for up to 72 hours. the volunteer efforts, grass roots, they did what had to be done. the next level of government just wasn't there. and they're very slow getting there. >> are you disappointed? >> well, i understand some of this, a lot of bureaucratic missteps and i've been on the phone, practically hoarse.
7:40 am
some of the people at the top seem to think by saying, it will be done that it is done, it's not. and when you wait 48 hours, you're relying only on emergency food from the state or feds, you'd be very hungry. the new york city police department did a good job getting everyone out. the fire department getting them sent to where they had some shelter. from that point when they got back here, for those that didn't leave here, a lot to do and left unanswered. >> reporter: and this is your home, complete and uteser destruction. you've now turned into another victim. >> we'll rebuild and you know, people get tough breaks and there are a lot of really sad stories here. >> reporter: how will you recover? >> and this is a pretty tough crowd here. we're extra tough new yorkers
7:41 am
and this is a great spot to rebuild and we will. >> you've got to go through there yet and wonder, should you just bull dose it down. go through it and look for pictures? should you look for, if you have a safe there or something that could be of value? >> you probably wind up doing both, you look and then bull doze. >> gretchen: now the rest of your headlines this morning. free gas came with gallons of chaos. thousands lined up for free gas from the government, but turned away until emergency vehicles filled up first, one man said he waited almost four hours. >> and certain to get gas, the cops told us to go down and turn around and been around the block five times, chaos and pandemonium out here. >> police ended up arresting at least one person. >> steve: a former op aide it hillary clinton throwing her support to mitt romney. a life long democrat, she was the state director for clinton when clinton was a u.s. senator. and georgia says, quote,
7:42 am
governor romney has a plan to restore the prosperity this country deserves and expects. he will work with the people of good no matter what their party, and he will pursue the policies that are in the best interests of our country no matter who proposes them. >> brian: all right, you know the saying, be careful what you wish for. an mma fighter learns that the hard way after being hit by a few blows and asked her opponent to hit him again. his opponent says, it sounds like a good idea. (laughter) >> and wow. that's awful. >> like a bad the cartoon. a trained mma professional to hit him again and he hits you right in the chest and he falls down. >> wow. >> steve: maybe he shouldn't do that and reviews the tape and that was a dumb move.
7:43 am
>> brian: we all make mistakes and miss got showed on television. >> gretchen: the other reason i don't understand boxing. >> brian: that's the mma without the octagon. and meanwhile, straight ahead. >> gretchen: unemployment ticking up 7.9% and what if we told you millions of americans weren't factored into the numbers. something called the real unemployment rate. we're going to share that with you coming up next. >> steve: then should women be allowed to compete in men's competitive sports? the woman on super skier lindsey v lindsey vonn, stick around, go, lindsey, go. ♪ she works hard for the money, so hard for it honey ♪ ♪ she works hard for the money so you better treat her right ♪ if you could combine the capability of a pathfinder with the comfort of a sedan? ♪ so you went right back to the pathfinder's essence, kept its dna, and created the next-gen s.u.v.
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7:47 am
the seven backup generators failed, forcing evaluation of 300 patients. the hospital says most services will start tomorrow, but patients should call their doctors to confirm where to go. and four time champion skier lindsey vonn will not be skiing with men soon. rejecting her request to race in a men's event later this month in canada. she's won nine of the her cup victories at that venue. >> steve: the october jobs report showing the unemployment rate is .1% higher than it was when president obama first took office. and that of course, did go up to 10% the at one point and that wasn't the only bad news in this final report just before the election. here now with the real numbers, as you know, is wall street journal's steven moore. >> nice to see you logging in overtime. >> steve: that's right, we've got expenses, christmas is coming. and the number they put out and we reported on friday was
7:48 am
7.9%, but here is the thing, the real number is 14.6%, when you look at the people who have dropped out, who are unemployed. and stuff like that, so, why do they keep pushing the number that's under 8% and not closer to 15? >> well, that's a great question, steve and it really suggests that this real employment situation in this country is a lot more dire than the official statistics indicate. to answer the questions, the way they do the numbers, they call people up and go to the door, is anybody here working? and you say yes or no, they say are you looking for work? if you're somebody in the state with a high unemployment rate you're looking for six months, two years, a lot of people say i'm not looking anymore because i can't find a job. we won't count those people as unemployed. you're right, the right unemployment rate is close to 14 1/2%, and by the way, there's another element to this if i may, steve, we
7:49 am
also-- when we asked people if they have a job, if you're only working 20, 25 hours a week, say yes, you're counted as employed and almost counted as fully employed, but somebody only working 20, 25 hours a week knows it's hard to pay the bills, grocery bills, health care bills if you're only getting half the salary. >> steve: and the president is out on the stump we created 171,000 jobs last month and he didn't guy a gigantic proportion are part-time. one more graphic, with president obama's unemployment rate before the election, 7.9%, and president carter had 7.5, was not reelected. george herbert walker bush, 7.3, not reelected. so this is a daunting number for the chicago team, isn't it? >> yeah, really is. i mean, i was looking at data all the way back to franklin roosevelt's presidency, steve and no president has been
7:50 am
reelected since fdr with an unemployment rate above 7.5, i think ronald reagan, reelected 7.4% when reagan was reelected so this is a daunting task for president obama to say, look, reelect me even though we've got nearly 8% unemployment and don't forget this unemployment rate has been at or above 8% now for about three and a half years. >> steve: very long. of course, the number one reason people are going to the polls on tuesday, the economy. steven, wall street journal, thank you for joining us mrif from d.c. >> great to be with you. >> steve: straight ahead a stunning endorsement on this sunday morning about to be revealed. nearly 500 former military a admirals and generals poised to endorse mitt romney. and our next guest says that president obama is about to lose florida, and he knows it, right back. en ragu users chos. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> there's a good chance to florida and the 29 electoral votes hold the key to the election. what else is new. what do the candidates need to do in the final 48 hours to win over the sunshine state voters? a man who knows, florida congressman and romney's foreign policy advisor, and congressman welcome. first off when it comes to this race, the hispanic vote could decide the state and it's going firmly in the president's column. why does is this not resulting in the president having dominance in your state? >> it's the economy. you know, i mean, people in florida are pretty sophisticated when it comes to elections and we get a lot of attention and i think that people understand that we're facing a -- an economy that's not moving forward and we're looking at unemployment
7:55 am
numbers that are frankly unacceptable. and gasoline price is more than twice what it was when president obama took office and in all, we're getting from president obama, look, this is good enough and be happy. and you know, we in florida understand that we can do better in the united states and all it requires is a different person in the white house. >> do they also understand, too, under that administration, the space program was killed which matters so much to your state? >> the space program was killed and how we depend on our wonderful, good, dear friends the russians to take us up in space. you know, it also shows what a horrible mistake it was, the whole reset policy that this administration had with russia. but it's also presented, look, we understand the importance of the relationship, the special relationship with israel. and this is a president that has frankly abandoned, thrown israel under the the bus. this is a president who has appeased the enemies of the united states, whether it's castro brothers, whether it's
7:56 am
chavez or others and apologizes for the united states and when mitt romney is elected we're going to change that and get somebody in the white house with backbone who understands we have to support our allies and support our friends and frankly, oppose our adversaries and enemies. and the thing is here, you have a governor making tough decisions, but approval ratings are out 40%. and how does that translate? >> look, you know, the governor has inherited a very difficult situation, and, buts' making it better and his numbers are getting better and i think you'll see that his numbers continue to get better. people in florida are sophisticated and continue not to accept this. what we have right now is the best that the country has to offer. i have a seven-year-old son,'s going to be seven in december. for his sake, he deserves better, our children, our grandchildren deserve better and the president says this is the best we can do, no, we can do better, we're the united states of america, it requires
7:57 am
good steadfast leadership in the white house and why we're going to vote for mitt romney. >> brian: an exciting race in 48 hours, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up, a story you've not heard from the romney family coming up on "fox & friends."
7:58 am
hey, yo, check out this chef, right? right? that's so gay. that's really gay. dude, look at those pants. please don't say that. what? don't say that something is gay when you mean that something is dumb or stupid. it's insulting. it's like if i thought this pepper shaker was stupid, and i said, "man, this pepper shaker is so 16-year-old boy with a cheesy mustache."
7:59 am
just saying.
8:00 am
>> good morning, today a sunday november 4th, 2012. i hope you'll have a fantastic day, thanks for sharing with us. i'm gretchen carlson. 48 hours before the election, set your clocks, the candidates give their closing arguments. >> i have a clear and unequivocal message with the right leadership, america is about to come roaring back. >> gretchen: and we have reporters fanned out across the country and our live team coverage just moments away. >> steve: meanwhile, mitt romney gets personal on the campaign trail with the biggest crowd he's had so far in the state of colorado. and 17,000. he had 30,000 of course in ohio. he reveals the woman he calls his hero every day. find out who that is. >> brian: in the wake of
8:01 am
hurricane sandy, millions ever people are without powers, why the giant generators on the split scene with me, in a parking lot. these could actually heat a neighborhood. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, everyone, can you believe we're finally here? we feel like we've been talking about the elections for maybe a year and a half. >> we have. >> gretchen: we have, and now it's just two days away. so, the candidates are on their closing arguments and they're making the final pitches in the all important swing states. and mitt romney is telling a personal story along the way about a hero and it happens to be his own sister. >> she said the american spirit, this idea of giving to others, some in remarkable ways and others in remarkable
8:02 am
ways in their homes. my sister is one of my life heroes, she's in her 70's now. eight children, seven are raised with children of their own. and the youngest with downs syndrome and he's now 43. she lives as a single mom, her husband passed away and she's devoted her life over 43 years and particularly over the last several years to jeffrey and making sure is he has a full and abundant life. she's a hero to me. >> that's nice. i'm sure that mitt romney would say the editorial board for the new york daily news would be a hero four years ago endorsed barack obama. this morning in the sunday papers, the new york daily news endorses mitt romney. >> could swing the state. >> gretchen: probably voting could be difficult. >> brian: but somebody runs it, owns it and he, i believe, was firmly in the obama camp
8:03 am
and jumped off the backhand wagon about two years ago he was outraged by the economic policies of the president. and very disappointed. >> steve: absolutely. in pennsylvania, a poll out this morning, extraordinarily they are tied. and president obama and mitt romney hitting four critical swing states two days to go before the election, every moment counts. we've got live team coverage. phil keating down in tampa and wendell goler in new hampshire and first to mike tobin in ohio where both campaigns are trying to make sure that nobody is left, you know, unturned, everybody's going to get a personal, hey, can we drive you to the polling place, please? >> you know, that's not really that much of an overstatement, steve. the candidates are paying a great deal of attention to ohio here. trying to reach that handful of undecided voters and trying to motivate their base. meantime, ohioans are showing up for early voting in record numbers. they can only vote early over this weekend due to a court
8:04 am
ruling. secretary of state wanted to close early voting three days early to give campaign workers time to count the ballots, but the polls are open through to election day, and the returns from early voting show that president obama does enjoy a lead. the romney campaign says they're not worried. it's not as big of a lead he enjoyed over john mccain four years ago and they believe that republicans will outperform democrats on election day and energized. 1.6 million ohioens have already taken advantage of early voting. to say the ground game is in full swing is a bit of pa understatement. both the campaigns and their supporters are wearing shoe leather and knocking on doors and all get personal attention in ohio and most of the effort is to get out the vote, however, we caught up with a group from americans for prosperity and trying to reach the undecided voters and actively persuade them.
8:05 am
>> we're looking for independents and for folks not up on the issues and knock on doors and give them literature and talk to them and find out where they stand and hopefully, bring them on board with americans for prosperity. >> reporter: all eyes are on the buckeye state and the undecided vote. and now to tampa and phil keating. >> thanks, back in 2008 president obama won florida by beating senator john mccain with 3 percentage points half of the margin of victory for president obama that's why the romney campaign feels confident that they can win the state of florida and all political analysts do conclude that the romney campaign, if it's going to win this election, absolutely has to win florida on the tv screen
8:06 am
every commercial block in miami, tampa are wall to wall campaign ads and has been for weeks. as for early voting ended last night. seven o'clock. no more early voting in the state of florida, but massive turnout. record numbers in many counties, and enthusiasm just as strong as it was in 2008. the tallies from the secretary of state's office through friday say about 4 million floridians have already cast their ballot once they factor in all of those who voted yesterday, most likely it will be about 4 1/2 million and that will be essentially half of the eventually voter turnout after tuesday. and clearly. florida voters are motivated. >> the indicators to us are really the patience of our voters. in some cases voters have waited from an hour to longer and resident voting sites and what we've learned that each of waiting happily and
8:07 am
important elections. >> and florida has more votes than any other state than california and texas both of whom are not in play because they lean democrat or republican. now, let's go to new hampshire and wendell goler. like governor mitt romney, the president is making arguments in the battle ground. florida, colorado, wisconsin, iowa and ohio, especially ohio he'll visit today and tomorrow in an effort to deny mitt romney a path to the 270 electoral votes he needs to move into the white house. the president was in mentor, ohio yesterday and getting back up to the full campaign speed after spending the early part of the week dealing with the aftermath of hurricane sandy. that time may not have hurt him. showed him working with republican governors in a way
8:08 am
he was unable to work with republicans in congress and that's something the former president clinton picked up on in virginia, another battle ground state last night. >> there is no republican or democratic way to rebuild after a flood to save lives, to start again, to turn the electricity on, to clean the depre. but what i want to tell you is, cooperation works better when there is no disaster, and if you don't pass cooperation, you have the makings of a disaster, barack obama is a proven cooperator. new polls put it dead eastern and the race nationwide is so close, and they can make all the difference, steve, brian, grech pen. back to you. >> a live report and looking at phil keatingings report down in florida and those lines are almost as long as the gas lines are here in new
8:09 am
york. >> i think that by tuesday, a lot of people are going to be voting and finding a way to vote whether at a truck or a tent and say i haven't gotten any help or i've gotten help and still waiting for gas and i'm told it's going to be lights on and waiting for fema or they showed up. i think a lot of people are going to be saying they're waiting judging by what i'm reading and tweeting, and what i'm experiencing. >> steve: and our power will be on in our house by next sunday at 11:30 at night. >> brian: next sunday. >> steve: yeah, rockland electric, orange and rockland electric, a heck of a job. >> gretchen: i don't know how they can be that specific that far out with an exact day and time. >> brian: you say that connecticut is still without power in so many places. >> gretchen: we were fortunate to get it back recently, but our hometown is demolished, devastating. >> brian: and bill clinton and barack obama can say coming together and doing this, what are you doing, rather than what are you saying? >> dick morris is going to join us in the next hour and
8:10 am
say that he thinks that the sandy storm actually could be impacting the president of united states on tuesday in a bad way. hear from dick in the next hour. >> gretchen: the rest of your headlines, a helicopter goes down leaving two officers dead. this is the scene in atlanta georgia, 10:30 last night. the chop he went down while searching for a missing child. >> we were investigating a missing child, a nine-year-old missing child. and the helicopter unit was called in for additional assistance on the the search as we arrived on the scene and two officers aboard, tragically died as well. >> no one on the ground was hurt. 1300 people lost hour and the police officers names have not been released and the missing child was found safe. more violence in benghazi, libya, a car explosion outside of the police station leaving three injured. days after 53 members of congress demanded answers from president obama and secretary of state. hillary clinton. congressman kelly on "fox &
8:11 am
friends" earlier, he was vowing to get the truth. >> i swear to this country that this committee will get to the bottom of this and if it takes dragging the administration kicking and screaming into a committee meeting to testify, that's what we're going to do. >> and senator kelly ayotte, lindsey graham and john mccain mrs. calling for a bipartisan senate panel to investigate the attack that left four americans dead. and a stunning endorsement set to be revealed tomorrow, but we have a sneak peek. nearly 500 former admirals and generals independent from mitt romney's campaign set to endorse him. and they'll run a full page ad in the washington times tomorrow and they're paying for the ad on their own. two days ago, they promised to send a generator from the canceled new york city marathon to areas hit by sandy. >> and a made it clear that all the assets that this marathon currently has generators, equipment, food, water, will be redeployed to people who need it.
8:12 am
>> gretchen: but the new york post reporting that some the generators sat idle yesterday in a rental company's parking lot in new jersey and ten heaters hooked up in a medical tent for the marathon, even though they're no long her needed. >> brian: and the marathon people say they blame hostile media reaction to them holding the marathon and sponsors pushing them to canceled. they'd be running right through new york. >> steve: and plus the tone deaf mayor of new york insisting it was supposed to go on. i talked to some people who were supposed to run, the only thing they've heard from the roadrunne roadrunners organization, they're not getting a refund. and they have two sets of clothes like to donate the clothes, just no refund. >> gretchen: and a last ditch efforts to get out the vote. what can we expect the next two days? fox news sunday's host chris wallace is here to run it down. >> it looks like a painting of
8:13 am
chris wallace. >> and then they came from behind to win the game and how did they do it? followed the examples set by the seals to kill osama bin laden. and that movie comes out. >> ♪ ♪ freedom don't come free ♪ i'm an american soldier, i'll proudly take a stand ♪ ♪ when we're in jeopardy, i'll always do what's right ♪ wing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. he's, he's on my back about providing for his little girl. hey don't worry. e-trade's got a killer investing dashboard. everything is on one page. i'm watching you. oh yeah? well i'm watching you, watching him. [ male announcer ] try the e-trade 360 investing dashboard.
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8:16 am
>> welcome back, everyone, we're two short days away from the election, can you believe it and they're focusing efforts on key battle ground states like virginia, colorado, ohio, but is the race anyone's game? who has the best shot at winning? joining us now is the host of fox news sunday, chris wallace with his analysis of it, good morning to you, chris. >> hey, guys. >> brian: who is going to win? >> well, if i knew, i would
8:17 am
quit the job and go straight to las vegas i'd be wasting my time here. not only do i not know? i don't think they know. usually over the years you've been able, you know, if the polls are some of them you can't tell, but if you talk to the top supporters of both candidates, you can figure it out. and i can't figure it out. i think they both genuinely think their guy is going to win and clearly within the margin of error nationally and the key swing states. >> brian: here is the key for me and might want to use this in your show. >> i'll be fine. >> brian: and here because i'll record it and give you a copy on vhs like you requested. two theories of thought. mitt romney is going to minnesota almost even now and colorado and pennsylvania because he thinks he needs another pathway to the presidency or saying, wow, these are in play, let's see how many i can get? because ohio, either he's given up on or confident he can get. do you believe he's confident in ohio or believe he's looking at another pathway with other states. >> i don't think he's
8:18 am
confident in ohio, but i don't think he's given up on ohio. i think he's well within the margin of error and could win. this is a question of turnout. i mean, you know, it's so close in the polls, it's a question of which side can get more of their supporters to the polls in early voting obama is not doing nearly as well as he did four years ago, in early voting and absentee voting. mitt romney is doing a lot better than john mccain did, and we'll see what happens there. and i don't know that the obama camp will say he's in pennsylvania today because he's desperate and looking for another path. the romney camp says it's in play and we think we could win and why wouldn't we? having said that, romney is also going tomorrow to florida and virginia, which are two states you would have thought he would have locked up and hasn't yet. >> brian: were you going to do politics on your show today? >> we thought maybe we'd talk about the election and the lsu and alabama game, we flipped a coin. we will have david axelrod who
8:19 am
really when you think about it, he's the guy that's been with barack obama from the illinois state senate to his campaign for reelection, and now, is in the final two days of obama's campaign and we'll talk about libya, which is obviously something that the president hasn't answered in a lot of questions on and we'll talk about their ground game, their view of where the race stands and we'll talk to rich beason, the political director from the romney campaign. you may not have heard of him, an enormously important guy, maybe as important as the candidate the last 48 hours, he is the guy in charge of getting romney supporters to vote early, absentee on to the polls. >> gretchen: i have a feeling you'll be up late. >> listen, the question will you be on the air or we'll be
8:20 am
on the air by wednesday morning. >> you know, five hour energy or red bull. >> as titlely wound as i am, i'd explode. >> you're probably right. and thank you during your election. >> brian i'm glad you showed up for work this week. >> gretchen: there we are and we'll be right back. [ cheeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that? that's the sound of car insurance compani these days. here a cheap, there a cheap, everywhere a cheap... you get it. so, what if instead of just a cheap choice, you could make a smart choice? like, esurance for example. they were born online and built to save people money
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8:23 am
>> quick sunday morning headlines for you live from new york city. iranian media reporting the country has produced a new advanced drone. the country frequently makes these types of claims but the reports are difficult to confirm. iran also says it has established a new nail base near disputed persian gulf island. great. and a shooting broke out at a crowded fair in savannah, georgia. several people were detained some taken to the hospitalment
8:24 am
the victims face nonlife threatening injuries. all eyes on the backgrouttl ground state of ohio where the 18 electoral votes may flat out decide the election. both candidates are focused on the southern eastern part of the state a place known as coal country. >> we have congressman from the 6th district. how sfru are you? >> good. how are you. we know how important the discussistate of ohio is. let's talk about the coal. president obama had some attacks about the epa stifling those jobs. >> all you have to do is walk up and down the ohio river you can see the administration's war on coal is very real. you talk to the thousands of families impacted there who have lost their jobs who's lively hoods are dependent on the coal
8:25 am
industry you talk to the hard-working families who are paying more for electricity for their homes and talk to the business owners who can't keep pace with the sky rocketing energy crisis as well. this is coal country. i can tell you every where you go you see stop the war on coal expire obama. >> seems as though the president would have made this comment. you can start a coal plant but you will go bankrupt. him saying no such thing. the vice president saying there's no such thing as clean coal. doesn't work in coal country. >> joe biden said in 2007 coal is more dangerous than high fructose corn syrup and terrorists. as you mentioned the president said from the outset he was going to bankrupt those companies trying to start up coal power plants. that's the sows of our energy there. we have enough coal in america particularly in the ohio valley to fuel america's energy needs
8:26 am
for generations. there's a place for coal in america's energy future. i am confident that mitt romney and paul ryan know that and we will see a turnaround after tuesday. >> here's a stat that surprises me having lived in cincinnati and cleveland myself. i did not know this coal provide almost 90 percent of ohio's power and almost 50 percent of america's power. i guess we need it. >> absolutely. it is absolutely unimaginable that the administration would attack the very source of our nation's energy that has fuelled our innovative engines for generations now. i mean what are the people in ohio supposed to do like you said, gretch en, with 87 percent of our income, to 90 percent is from coal. >> new federal rules put in place with prematurely close 224 coal units in 25 states including ohio, pennsylvania,
8:27 am
virginia and north carolina. this is a policy the president has talked about, has implemented and now is coming back to bite him, perhaps. >> it is not just the market attack on coal and going after the coal fired power plants like the president has announced, but the department of interior is also trying to implement a new rule, a rewrite of what is called the stream buffer zone rule that would virtually cut down coal mining cut coal production in america by 50 percent and put tens of thousands of hard-working coal miners out of work. it's not the right path forward. interesting discussion with ohio state representative bill johnson. thank you for your thoughts today. >> thank you very much. >> tif the president does lose ohio he could point coal country as the reason. 3 minutes to the bottom of the hour. all eyes are on ohio. we promise not to blink. where to do the voters stand? >> we are so afraid of four more
8:28 am
years with obama. god bless him he has a philosophical difference that is nowhere near i would say 90 percent of the americans and it's the thoughts have not held him accountable not vetted him. >> frank luntz with eye opening answers. >> awesome story of the day. they come from behind with a stunning win. how do they do it? reque with the field team that killed bin laden? great story straight ahead.
8:29 am
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call right now and you'll also receive a $50 savings card just for inquiring about the sleep number bed. ask about our risk-free 30-night in-home trial. call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! >> does any one worry the last four years are the best we can do? if there is any one who fears the american gredream is fading away if there is any one who wonders if there are better jobs and paychecks and things of the past i have a clear unee kwif col message with the right leadership america is about to come roaring back. >> they were roaring last night. his biggest crowd in colorado thus far. 17,000. kierding to local papers out in colorado right now mitt romney and barack obama are tied going into the tuesday election. >> he brought star power with
8:33 am
him, j zee t jay-z the kids lovs katie perry. she promised to retreat any one that dressed in a nice way or a cute way if they vote. >> the candidates are focusing on the crucial swing states including virginia. we are joined from akoccoquan. don't e-mail or twitter. peter that i can is it away. >> that's right. it is a lovely place. mitt romney is going to be in new port news this evening and tomorrow he will be in fairfax, virginia. president obama was in bristol last night. the reason we are getting so much attention here in if virginia is because there are 13
8:34 am
electoral votes up for grabs. 165,000 virginians cast their ballots. there are a lot of votes up for grabs. the candidates will keep coming getting out the vote and energize the basis and they will try to do that with their closing arguments. >> yesterday president obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. for revenge. instead i asked the american people to vote for love of country. >> president obama was rallying his troops late into the lignig in virginia with the help of former president bill clinton and musician dave matthews. the president told voters in virginia if they want stability he should be their pick on tuesday. >> after four years of president you know me.
8:35 am
you know me. so, when you are trying to sort through this argument about change part of what you have to ask yourself is who do you trust? >> here in prince william virginia he won 25,000 votes. it is traditionally a republican area. if romney wants to win virginia he has to have areas like this he has to get 70,000 lector -- 70 electoral votes it would give him a big boost. they are locked in a very, very tight race against the democrat jim mccain. talking about the battle ground state of ohio is playing a pivotal role. the senate race is coming into play. republicans need to pick up 4
8:36 am
seats to take a majority. one race they are looking at is in the buckeye state where brown is in a tight race with josh mendel. frank luntz talked to their republican challenger. frank joins us now. where is ohio going senatorially? >> senatorially we have a dead heat. 47, 47. mendel started 17 points behind on the first of the year he has been gaining steadily. i thought it would be appropriate to talk about josh one of the most popular united states senators marco rubio who is also in ohio with the republican candidates. >> what do you think voters are telling you? >> they want law make hers in washington to work together. they are tired of the gridlock in washington th>> i think it i disappointment. four years ago barack obama was elected. part of the appeal was not his
8:37 am
policy it was the idea he was going to bring america together and usher in a new era where it would be elevated instead the idea we are going to pit men against women employers against employees rich against poor in a calculated effort to give themselves a better hand in election time. people injury sent that. oo frooin-- >> you have spun off with your own talk show. >> you have your own merv griffin set over there. where did that come from? >> if that's merv griffin that's the poverty version of merv griffin. rubio has the language of the population down cold and josh mandel has been gaining because he speaks with this anti washington mood. i want to you play a few segments with some of the voters in dayton, ohio you can hear the anger and frustration in their voices. >> i am so afraid of four more
8:38 am
years with obama. god bless him. he has a philosophical difference that is nowhere near i would say 90 percent of the americans in the oppressive thoughts. they have not held him accountable. they have not vetted him. >> i am afraid of the changes i see happening. once he is re-elected he don't ha doesn't have to worry about being re-elected. >> mark twain said the duty of every patriot is to defend our country against their government when it is necessary. >> quote the war on women they didn't vet it by what they are not doing on our foreign service not protecting our people out there by what they are doing with killing businesses with the regulations. obama care to begin with, that was rammed down our throat. thank, that's some anger. >> yes. i was with paul ryan in ohio, pennsylvania, virginia and florida.
8:39 am
today in milwaukee and green bay to talk to voters in wisconsin. we are picking up this level of anger and frustration. i will tell you one important conclusion. i believe the romney voters are more energized than the obama voters. some of this polling that shows obama up by 1 or 2 percent don't necessarily believe it. i think the romney people will be coming to the polls. we have more segments for you tomorrow to show you what's really happening in the swing states across america. >> frank is swinging you in the obama states. look forward to seeing you and your brand new show whenever it gets test time spot. >> something frank luntz might put in his own show that is weather. you have the country. >> it is tuesday temperatures. looking good. 60 rapid city. 61 kansas city. clear skies as well. as far as election day goes only really a couple of trouble spots. united green across parts of the
8:40 am
south. that is morning. by the afternoon we see rainshowers moving to north florida and georgia and south carolina. areas of wisconsin seeing a little bit of rain as well. that's all extremely light rain it is nothing that should be causing significant problems in any of the polling stations. there is another story, though. that is happening on wednesday. new jersey, same goes for staten island. overnight temperatures below freezing the next couple mornings. out on long island continuing to be cool. they will take a battering from the storm. it will be a general another ea nor' easter in any fashion. on the heels of sandy. 50 miles an hour across coastal areas that took a battering and 2-4 feet of storm surge at least a rise in the water. interior section snow we could see snow at the end of it across coastal areas as well.
8:41 am
windy rainy day which wouldn't have been bad if we hadn't just dealt with this. >> if you are an adjuster you work for fema get out quick. people need to check out the trees that didn't break might have bent. >> they can't come out and fix all of the power or do anything else if they have 60 mile per hour winds. >> the weather will cooperate on election day. >> good weather as you wait in a 2 mile long gas line. straight ahead on the rundown the unemployment rate is up but you wouldn't know it unless you listened to the president. he is praguing abo-- bragging at a recovery. >> a recovery in your house? your state? ... [ mom ] we already have a tv. would you like to know more abo it? yeah, but let me put my wife on speaker. hi! hi. it's led and it has great picture quality. i don't know... it's ultralim... maybe next year. you cod always put it on layaway
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8:44 am
>> people in new jersey nbeing allowed to vote in tuesday's election via e-mail or fax. voters displaced by sandy can
8:45 am
request a mail in ballot from the local county clerk. it will get e-mailed or faxed back unless they return by tuesday night. i don't know how that is going to work. new jersey is using military trucks at polling places. they will be parked in regular polling places that lost power or are damaged. the thrilling come behind win for lsu over rival lsu keep the crimson tied with 50 pecks left in the game. give them a 21-17 victory. the players were over joyed by the huge win. he was so proud of the team he compared them to the navy seal team that got osama bin laden dead. >> they have been trained to be adaptable and they were told what to do if something like that happened. so they were still successful. i think there was a lot of that out there today for us. >> they watched a lot of those tapes leading up to the big
8:46 am
game. they remain i image number one in the nation. steve? >> thank you, brian. despite a disappointing jobs report on friday president obama is putting a positive spin on the numbers during the campaign event. >> in 2008 we were in the middle of two wars of the economic crisis since the great depression. today our businesses have created nearly 5 and a half million new jobs. this morning we learned the companies hired more workers in october than at any time in the last 8 months. >> that sounds good. however he doesn't mention the unemployment rate actually ticked up. it is at 7.9 percent which is higher than when he took office. is the president avoiding the issue days before the election? let's talk with editor and chief tucker carlson. tucker, i am going to guess he said yes. he is doing his best to put the happy face on the numbers but he is trying to dodge the actual unemployment number.
8:47 am
>> that is not just one person's opinion. we keep track of these things the unemployment rate specifically. we can go back decades a hundred years on this question. this is the heist unemployment rate since roosevelt ran for reelection the first time. what people miss is the economic growth rate on election day 1936, 11 percent. we are under 2 percent. this combination of high unemployment and low economic growth rate is without precedence. it has never happened. you would never know that watching or reading the coverage of obama's reelection. the jobs report on friday if you would if you watched the media you would think it was a massive success. >> the new york times has already endorsed the president of the united states for four more years.
8:48 am
new york daily news, he has railed against the president they endorse barack obama four years ago. in the paper they are endorsing mitt romney. america's heart, soul, brains and muscle the working class have been beset for too long by saabing economic decline. they really make the case for mitt romney by talking about the president's record how it has been bdismal. >> the new york daily news is historically and for my entire life now has been a liberal. you don't even need to make the case for mitt romney. merely looking at the economic data we have today two-days before the election it is apauli aa-pa aa-pauling. the only case you can make is the president is not responsible for it somehow. you can't make the case that the country is in good shape economically because it is just not. not an opinion. these are data.
8:49 am
>> and the poll came out of pennsylvania this morning it shows them tied it show 60 percent of the county of p pennsylvania say the country is on the wrong track. that is not good for the president. >> obama wins the hoots bau awa award. thank you for joining us. >> you heard the president promise he would hunt down terrorists. one senator trying to get to the bottom of that. he's here in the next hour. wisconsin was the workplace of big labor but the true blue state is showing signs of turning red. next up the lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch born and bred in wisconsin shows us what has changed in america's dairy land. jenna shared her recipe with sharon,
8:50 am
who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson.
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8:53 am
>> what's the most importantish view in wisconsin. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i know in many states it's jobs and the economy, correct? >> jobs and the economy spells it out. wisconsin is concerned like the rest of the country about the future of america not just for today's voting adults but also for our little ones. wisconsin just like the upper midwest has been hit very hard by deep recession. there are a lot of familiarers
8:54 am
hu -- farmers hurting because of the drought. we see a president who says helping raise up the economy has put a foot on the neck of the small business owner and not allowed folks who pursue the prosperity that they desperately want and need. >> you have an interesting situation there. it hasn't gone to a republican since 84. you have the recall of yourself and governor scott walker in june that went to the republicans. obama was in the double digits over mitt romney now it appears to be dead even. >> wisconsin is the state to watch on election night. there are a lot of people who categorize us as a blue state. what you just said there speaks the truth. we are a purple state. in 2010 we turned our legislature and the experimental
8:55 am
teaching: procedures for developing effective individualized instruction tive branch bright red. also elected senator ron johnson. this time around we are looking to do it again elect a president romney and also senator tommy thompson. >> we have had very very close presidential turnouts in the past. >> you cannot of course have a conversation about wisconsin without talking about paul ryan. >> our proudest son. he typically wins in a democrat leaning district. he has a tremendous amount of respect not just in southeastern wisconsin but all across the state. he is a midwestern dad incredibly humble a member of the people's house and he's a fiscal conservative. i think most people in this country are fiscal conservatives when it comes to the kitchen
8:56 am
tables and own family budgets also small business owners that create 50-70 percent of the new jobs are fiscal con sesh tives, too. you can't spend whatever the heck you want, you have to spend only what you have. it is time our federal government started owning up>> it is something they do on a daily basis the budget and the checkbook. >> in wisconsin people get that. >> have a great rest of the weekend. >> you, too. whas it to be a slip of the tongue? >> don't move, vote, voting is the best revenge. >> that comment not playing out the way he hoped. >> she couldn't pay the bills. struggles to make ends meet something changed for grandmother for the better
8:57 am
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9:00 am
>> good morning everyone. it is sunday november 4th, 2302012. thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. folks scrambling around the country. >> i have a clear unequivocal message. with the right decision america is about to come roaring back. >> candidates sdmreer rowing in on specific swing states. we are live in ohio. >> it's not something you would expect the president of the united states to say. >> don't boo, vote. vote. voting is the best revenge. >> best revenge comments dick morris responds. >> first the debt did adac on
9:01 am
our consulate in libya is off limits now there are conditions for the interview with the guy. what's going on with that? talk about that and so much more on "fox & friends"." we start now live in new york city. ♪ >> good morning. good to be with you this morning as we take on the final hour of fox and friends. we will be back with you tomorrow and through the election. >> you have all of these experts who studied this for years and decades. you have a monster storm that will be remembered for maybe a
9:02 am
century. people have to vote. >> the polls open on election day. president obama and mitt romney crisscrossing the country in their jets trying to sway undivided voters we ha. we have john roberts up early he's life in cleveland with a preview of the last 48-hours. a sprint to the finish, john. >> i got to sleep an extra hour today. the front page in the sunday cleveland deal says it's all about ohio. it is all about ohio. the president is going to be here later on today. it is not just about ohio it's about virginia it's about colorado. that's where governor romney was south of denver republicans have gotten the edge in early voting in colorado when romney campaign officials told me yesterday they
9:03 am
are confident they are going to win the centennial state. he said if he is elected president he will be down to work on day one to fix the economy no excuses. >> the economy and american jobs will still be stagnant of course but i won't waste any time complaining about my predecessor. >> i won't spend my time trying to pass partisan legislation that is unrelated to jobs. i am going to go to work to americans get back to work. >>ing it to watch in the last couple weeks he has co opted something from obama's campaign. he is the guy to bring back to change. the president says i am the real agent of change. there's the idea he is not going
9:04 am
to be the president of one party but the president of one nation. in 2004 obama's speech no blue states no red states the united states. that has forced president obama say when you talk about bipartisanship i am the guy who will work across the aisle. >> as long as i am reapresident will work with any person in any party. if you want to stop the gridlock you will vote for me if you feel the same way whether they are democrats, republicans put the people first not the election first. >> there are people who disagree looking back at the passage of the obama care act that is not reaching out across the aisle. >> 1.6 million ballots casts so far. there is no registration for those. >> you can't predict with them at all. john roberts good to see you
9:05 am
this morning. >> then ythe people tell the truth in the exit polls, too. >> we great turnout for all of the reporters. very rarely does something happen in the last week that really fuels the other guy. but the one comment that sticks out caught the attention of the romney camp when president used the word revenge. revenge or what? is this a rematch? revenge for what? listen to this and listen to mitt romney's response and know this is a story line that will bring you right through election day. >> at the time the republican congress and senate candidate by the name of mitt romney -- (booing) >> don't boo, vote. vote. voting is the best revenge. >> president obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. (booing) >> for revenge.
9:06 am
instead, i ask the american people to vote for love of country. >> usually revenge means you don't like that person at all. it's a negative sort of a term win at all costs kind of terminology. you have to wonder in the back of your mind why the president would use that term? why? revenge because mitt romney is successful? revenge because he's made a huge deal about his life and worked really hard and been a good community person? i don't know exactly what revenge he's talking about. >> dick morris joins us in florida. good morning, dick. >> good morning. >> one thing that the president of the united states did do this last week for mitt romney is he has given him a gift on a silver platter in the form of this revenge thing. >> revenge i think he lch a l w have a long time to eat it cold.
9:07 am
what went on is really significant. on tuesday obama basically took ownership of the recovery relief efforts from the storm by touring new jersey with chris christie. it was a good image of presidential leadership executive ability and bipartisansh bipartisanship. he moved up in the polls he moed up three points in job approval. then instead of going back continuing to be presidential he went out on the campaign trail. because it is covered in new york he went very heavily. then three-days undoes all of the good. >> what does the revenge comment mean? >> it was coming from the 92
9:08 am
race that though they had a policy. >> i don't know. i think the voters see it as partisan. in 1994 he had just come back from israel he had signed a peace deal between jordan and israel. he called me a week before the election and said where should i campaign? i said don't campaign. i have all of these member that is voted for me i have to help them out. if you do that you lower your ratings you won't look presidential you end up hurting them. he disregarded the advice sure enough exactly what i predicted happened. >> if the brunt of the storm is hit around the tri-state area none of those states are swing states. he did a photo op yesterday and called in secretary of labor and other cabinet secretaries to meet. if they follow it up it is
9:09 am
wrong. if they were swing states impacted -- >> in eastern pennsylvania it was there. that is clearly part of a swing state. by the way election day is coming up on tuesday. romney is going to win. he is going to win by i believe more than fooi -- five points. he will get more than 300 electoral votes. my wife and i brought out a book called doves runs for president. our dog golden retriever doug. they found dubs was on a roll. you may want to get the book so your kids can follow along with the election. >> we have never heard a dog brought up. this sucked me in. >> you need 270.
9:10 am
do we the map to put up? >> we are over stating the importance of ohio. >> romney will win ohio. he doesn't need to win ohio. he will win the state mccain carried 179 votes. he will win indiana, north carolina another 25 with the swing states he is well ahead in florida. colorado and virginia. that brings him up to 255. he can get the 15 electoral votes from a lot of different places. ohio has 18. pennsylvania he will also carry has 20. wisconsin has 10. minnesota which is in play as 10. iowa i counted that i forgot that. he can get that from a variety of states. my own feeling he will carry
9:11 am
ohio, pennsylvania and wisconsin. that will give him 313 electoral votes. >> chris wallace had said it's not a good sign he had to go back to florida and virginia. mitt romney. >> i don't think it's significant. i don't think they can micro manage a schedule like that given each night's tracking. he is well ahead in both of those. in virginia he will bring george allen with him. in florida he might bring in connie mac. after the election i am going to have to go through a big reckoning where they are. >> maybe doug has it wrong. >> the name gallop dubs doesn't hire me. >> we understand everything. >> i got your book dubs at home.
9:12 am
my kids love it. >> in this case the offices settle down. straight ahead live from new york city on this edition of fox and friends first the deadly attack was off limits in the united states. now he can talk. there are withins. what is going on? senator wants to know. he is next lye. >> mitt romney reveal as story you haven't heard before. it started with the challenger shuttle an american flag and ended with the crowd on its feet. can you spell patriotic? [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken,
9:13 am
to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
9:14 am
9:15 am
aah! learning how to kick flip 6 stairs takes determination. so will getting into college. i've got what it takes. so do you. >> a few months after the attack in libya that killed four
9:16 am
americans the fbi is getting access to the seoul suspect in custody. he is currently being held in tunisia. he was arrested in the days after the attack but it wasn't until lindsay graham and company and the next guest put pressure on the authorities in tunisia. it didn't go to the crime scene the murder scene for a week. >> joining us right now is the senator. >> senator you got access. there is even some conditions on the access isn't there? >> the important thing is we do have access to the individual. there are individuals they are placed on interrogations by the host country. the thing is we face to face access for this guy. this started not long after i left you last week in new york. i went after the fbi in charge of this investigation.
9:17 am
these very professional men and women who do a good job every single day investigating crimes were really frustrated. i could tell that because they were being asked to operate with one hand behind their back. we knew this guy was in custody yet nobody was doing anything to get the face to face interrogation with them. so it was a matter of senator graham and i just putting a little pressure on the tunisians and capitulated very quickly. it was almost like nobody even asked him. >> bring me into the way this process works. i image the fbi frustrated with guys like you to get them access not the other way around you pressuring another government to get fbi access. >> the fbi have certain protocol. they are not involved in the policy side. they leigh that to the policy of the professionals. they are law enforcement individuals and they were very
9:18 am
frustrated, too, about the fact that they were stuck in tripoli, did not have the necessary security to get into agabenghaz. they weren't getting cooperation from the libyans nor were they getting cooperation from the united states government. >> we had access to the tunisian leadership. it was us coming out of that country in particular. that didn't take place. as far as i know the white house who pledges to get the assailants to bring us to justice hasn't even put pressure. >> another example is poor leadership coming out of this white house. i haven't talk to do diane about this. i am not sure where she is.
9:19 am
it unravelled so quickly we are going to at least give it a shot. >> i don't mean to disrupt you. she is chairperson of the sennal election intelligence committee. how can she not be interested in this? is she pressured her party to stay low? >> you have to ask her that. i don't know. diane spent the last few days of the campaign herself. she had her reasons i am sure. but this was just a no brainer. you have a brand new country. united a brand new in in country that wants to be an ally to the united states. as we explained if you are truly going to be an ally to the united states and want our assistance united to help us with situations like this. they agreed immediately. the troops are on the ground with access. >> any one who says no you are actually taking action and moving this process forward.
9:20 am
senator, thank you so much for spending your sunday with us. >> sure. good to be with you, brian. >> meanwhile in the last 40 minutes sarah palin did something big making sure mitt romney wins the what house. what was it? stick around. peert johnson junior has a story every american needs to hear.
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
>> 23 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines sarah palin's political action committee making a donation to mitt romney's political campaign. a symbolic financial gesture of support from the former republican vice presidential
9:24 am
candidate. >> stunning endorsement revealed tomorrow. we have a sneak peak. nearly 500 former admirals and generals for mitt romney's campaign set to endorse him. they will run a full page ad. the members the group are paying for the ad on their own. >> a whole fleet of them. >> we cannot forget the millions of people vaekted -- affected by hurricane sandy. peter johnson junior who doesn't have electricity in his house is here for prescription for america. >> good morning, steve. powerless, humbling if not humiliating inconvenient and dangerous. unwanted visitor named sandy punched the northeast and virginia hard in the stomach. we doubled over for a moment and we did what americans do best, we punched pack. firefighters and police officers and ems workers brave dark waters and downed power lines and redefine heroism in america.
9:25 am
heros work our oldest and youngest were held over shift after shift after shift in hospitals and senior homes across america. fathers and mothers curse the darkness. they prayed for the light and reassured their kids invoking our faith in god and in country. 110 people died. 50 billion in lost homes, businesses and property and dreams. and we realize that in the monster storm how spall we really are when we are alone. but how large we are when we work together. you know, i grew up in the parts of america that we lost this week the jersey shore, parts of new york city, pieces and parts of my past and many others were taken with the tid eastbounding is pulled our homes and
9:26 am
sometimes aspirations out to sea. seaside heights is where my mother and father brought my brother and i and where my wife and i bring our daughters. an early morning i gave blankets on the beach to immigrants who jumped into the atlantic as their ship ran aground. but the gaping loss filled by the courage of american heros doctors and nurses rush premature babies down dark stairs in a mad dash to save theirs at the nyu medical center. they braved floods in long branch and staten island. we pray today for those we lost and thank god for those who were saved. for a few days i along with other americans understood how 25 million unemployed americans feel every day even on sunny days, powerless. no hope of being able to fill up
9:27 am
their car's gas tanks, but in spite of that they are resourceful, responsible, confident and above all, proud to be an american. as the storm reseeds and election day approaches i am proud of an america which when the darkless blinds us walks by faith in our exceptionalism. pros again when the going get tough, the tough get going. steve doocy, america is going and moving. >> they are. great commentary. peter johnson, jr. thank you for joining us early on this sunday morning. >> the story you haven't heard it starts with the shuttle challenger. an american flag ends up with the crowd wiping their eyes and goose bumps. we will tell you the story. >> phil keegan is standing by. >> the largest battle ground
9:28 am
state now involves the florida democratic party. this morning filing a lawsuit to try to over ride the governor and keep early voting operations underway today. i will have the details coming up. all energy development comes with some risk,
9:29 am
but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today.
9:30 am
9:31 am
>> you can image the pride of our boys as they were saturdaying in their rooms at
9:32 am
school watching the tv set as they saw the space challenger shuttle launch into the air and saw it explode on the tv screen in front of their eyes. he said he called nasa a couple weeks later and said have you found any remnant of our flag? you have not. called week after week month after month still no remnant of the flag from that term disaster. he was reading an article in the paper and described some of the debris from the challenger disaster and it mentioned a flag. he called nasa again he said in fact we have a presentation to make to your boys. nasa came together the boys were there they presented the boys with a plastic container and they opened it up inside was the american flag, their flag in perfect condition. >> what a story. that is a story he has told on the stump a number of times. last night in the state of colorado 17,000 people. extraordinarily enough there is
9:33 am
the man the scout leader who told him the story years ago carrying a flag that was hosted into the heavens by the shuttle challenger amazingly found in tact. when mitt romney asked the scout leader a fellow by the name of william cobert have i been getting the story right, he said, yes, you have. >> the spirit of america, is it not? >> goose bumps. they are voting in the key battle ground state of florida. that has been going on. but this morning there's a brand new controversy. uh-oh. phil keating what's the controversy? >> the state's democratic party in florida has now filed a lawsuit in federal court asking a judge or at least a panel of judges in the federal level to override republican governor rick scott. he has basically dismissed all requests to continue early
9:34 am
voting to extend early voting hours to include today the last sunday before election day which four years ago led to a lot of voters going from church to the polls and voting for president obama. democrats have been saying for about it is simply an effort to curb democratic turnout. now with the long lines and super long waits experienced by early voters in miami dade county broward county and palm beach county the democratic party says insufficient polling stations led to 5 and 6 hour long waits. led many voters to turn around and go home not have the opportunity to vote early. it is unclear how fast a court can act. as of right now florida law is early voting is over.
9:35 am
back to you. >> phil keating live in tampa with that headline. you talk about long lines. i am getting so many people going through social media and twitter going where do i vote? i don't have electricity. how do i find out where to go with my ballot? what is a ballot what is this thing about faxing and e-mailing. >> people get really frustrated. >> they say you can vote by a fax or e-mail. if you don't have electricity you can't do it. >> if you could vote with e-mail don't you think that would be something we would be doing nationwide? >> another breaking story, another big endorsement for mitt romney new york daily news newspaper which endorsed president obama four years ago now backing mitt romney. president obama built a record of miscalculations and missed opportunities. daily news praises romney for making jobs his first priority and says the presidential imperative of the times is to energize the economy and get
9:36 am
deficits under control to empower the workings of the middle -- and the middle class. they are compelled with mitt romney. they are going to be endorsing mitt romney today. >> meanwhile it's all about the turnout on tuesday. rick has the weather for election day. will the weather pose any problems? >> it doesn't really. you like to see weather be good so people can get out to the polls. temperature wise it's cold out in the great lakes and northeast. it is where it should be this time of year. there is a little bit of rain to be had. if there are any real problems it will be north parts of florida towards jacksonville, pensacola earlier in the morning. most of the rain will stay to the northern part of florida. we will see a little bit of rain late in the day across parts of coastal north carolina south carolina toward georgia. light showers we are going to
9:37 am
see across areas of wisconsin. nothing that should cause any significant problems. people without power. tomorrow the temperatures drop a couple degrees. another cool night go into the day on tuesday. we are still talking about a very, very cold one. that is tuesday. we are watching a big coastal storm on wednesday. we will get to election day unscathed from any additional storms. we will tesend it back to you outside. the east coast trying to recover of course from the impact of hurricane sandy. network host sandra lee is teaming up with sears and kmart to do their part as well. you have on the tennis shoes. you are climbing up into this rig sharing all of this stuff. >> i have to give a big shout out to sears holding and kmart. they are not only my partner but when i called them they
9:38 am
immediately within hours deployed five trucks, semis full of food out of georgia. people have been driving around the clock to get this stuff here. just got here. this is going to leave and go to our food banks. we have five trucks like this. 100 trucks employed in 42 dc stores for our generators and water. let's show the food based needs and what everybody needs here. water very important. we need cleaning supplies. really important. canned goods. the pull tops are the best but anything we will take and protein whether it's tuna, pork and beans, water, gatorade, quaker oats, chew we more sells, things like cereal, we need sleeping bags and blankets. so five truckloads is a huge amount and replenishing the kmart and sears stores is very important. but the need will continue. there are still just in this
9:39 am
area alone 800,000 people without power. and they are cold. >> cold on top of it. >> we can think of entire neighborhoods, entire islands. >> you just got your power back. >> i did. but that is inconsequential in comparison to all of the loss people have had. how can people get involved but they don't live nearby. >> if you need help sears and kmart have a shop your waive program. there is $350 million downloaded into these accounts you can get what you need from blankets to water and batteries and clothes. kmart has food. then what you can do is for the kids go to share our strength which feeds the 60.2 million that go hungry every day. the food given at the schools really insulates these kids they have been out of school for a week now.
9:40 am
also of course the red cross, very important. donating any kind of food, nonperishables that you have. we have bread, money very important all that stuff. >> there are so many people at home. thank you father asking us. there is a secret weapon in ohio something john mccain couldn't cash in on? >> what does ronald reagan do in the final states of his election. the president's son michael here to explain. because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward.
9:41 am
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9:43 am
>> 48-hours to go until the election. if the vote is close in ohio it could be some time before we have a winner. joining us right now mike kobe b -- tobin. this could happen? >> yeah, it's amazing. there is so much attention being paid to the buckeye state
9:44 am
tonight. you have both candidates coming out here. the fist lady came out trying to woo the undecided voters. they are getting personal attention because of that they are setting records for early voting according to the ohio secretary of state. 1.6 million ohioans have dropped off a ballot in terms of absentee ballots that went out 85 percent already went back. when you look at terms of early voting the president enjoys a lead here in ohio. the romney camp says they are not worried. the lead is not as hard as it was over john mccain four years ago and they believe republicans will out perform democrats on election day. you have both sides going into the home stretch energized and hospital mystic. as y -- optimistic. it ends up a razor thin result we may not know the result for 10-days because it takes 10-days to count all of the professional ballot. november 17th could learn the day we learn the outcome in the
9:45 am
buckeye state. >> it will be a late night with ohio and florida as well. thanks a lot mike tobin. now to stooe. there's a secret voting blog for mitt romney. >> hi, steve. >> under the media radar. you say if evangelicals show up in the numbers that appear to be supporting mitt romney he could take the state? >> i think he could. back in the primaries evangelicals were so much in the news the idea then was todhey would not vote for a mormon. they haven't been in the news at all. the fact is in ohio they are about # 30 percent of the vote. four years ago by most estimates about 350,000 evangelicals didn't vote. >> we have a graphic that will show what you are talking about. the problem was they were supporting former arkansas governor mike huckabee our fox colleague now.
9:46 am
when john mccain got tit they didn't connect. obama carried the city by 260,000 votes. if the evangelicals get out in force and people i talk to say they are intensely supporting mitt romney they could wipe out barack obama's advantage up near cleveland. >> you told me something about the power is out in some places. i didn't realize. >> yeah, i have relatives back there. sandy made it to cleveland. they had 20-foot waes on lake erie. quarter million people lost their power on the east side and west side of cleveland. it is just now beginning to come back. if anything an event like that has to be bad news for the obama campaign. if it wasn't true in the rest of the state. one other point to make in 2004 john kerry thought he had
9:47 am
carried the county. george bush the evangelicals were carrying him from cincinnati to the rural counties to the west virginia voter. because they turned out in such strength bush carried the state by 2 points. >> what is the reason evangelicals rallied around mitt romney. part of it is paul ryan. >> paul ryan i am told is a big reason. they were told ryan is a practicing catholic. the other reason i spoke to president of ohio university who said the attack on the catholic church and contraceptive services issue was seen by many evangelicals as also a potential attack on them. they have a lot of charitable outreach programs private ouch reach programs and some of the same strictures as the catholic church days on contraceptive services.
9:48 am
they are being squeezeed by the obama presidency and they have reacted in that way as well. find out on thursday night. >> if want to read the column go to what did ronald reagan do in the final two-days of his election? it could hold the key to victory for mitt romney. the president's son michael is here live next. right now look who is working on sunday. what's happening? >> what are you doing here? >> good to see you. >> thank you very much, steve. coming up at the top of the hour we have a great show for you. we call bill hemmer mr. ohio. he has been back and forth to ohio he just got back. spent the day yesterday on the bus traveling around with john boehner. wait until you hear what john boehner has to say about ohio and the corner of that state that may indeed decide this election. that we have chris wallace and a great gain coming up. we will see you at the top of the hour. and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit.
9:49 am
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>> our country is prouder p and stronger and better. why would we ever want to return to where we were, less than four short years ago. >> that ad was from ronald reagan back in 1984. fast forward to today, could it hold the key to mitt romney's victory? joining me now is former president ronald reagan's son. >> that was such a warm, positive, patriotic message. you think that is what mitt romney should be doing right now? >> yeah. if i am mitt romney running the campaign right now we take down the negative ads.
9:53 am
they have seen it they know what they are. explain to people why you want to be president of the united states of america. i would do something part felt. put ronald reagan back in 1980 against jimmy carter. go positive. sit there and buy time in the swing states. get out there and really tell people why you want to be the president of the united states. not the 12 until jobs and all that but what is in your heart. people need to know in a. he needs to look presidential right now. he hasn't had a great day since the first debate. he needs to change the dynamics the last few days so people are confident voting for them. >> i wonder if the president gaye him a lay up of sorts to do exactly what you are saying. the president saying go vote out mitt romney for revenge. many people are scratching their
9:54 am
heads about the knowinegativity. romney said go vote for the love of your country. is that what you are talking? >> vote for the love of your country, vote for the united states of america. people need to feel good about the united states of america. i said this before, when my father passed away in 2004 america lost their cheerleader. america need a cheerleader especially right now what's going on in the east coast staten island and hoboken all through that area they need a cheerleader someone to make them feel good about america and themselves and move this forward. mitt romney could turn that corner in the last couple days i think the corner that he turns will end up at the white house. >> it is so interesting because everyone says people are going to vote based on their pocket book and the economy. sometimes what is forgotten is emotion. let's face it we have the ad you see the american flag flying there's a patriotic emotion that
9:55 am
ore comes you, right? >> absolutely right. real quick, i know it's an ugly picture in your mind but picture bob beckel in boxer shorts in dallas texas with his hand over his heart watching the morning america ad while running the mondale campaign tears running down his face not knowing it was a reagan ad finally it comes out it's morning in america vote for ronald reagan he himself says to himself, the election is over reagan won't win. i know it's an ugly pick tour it tell you about that's bob beckel. >> i have heard him tell you the story. >> it is amazing emotion and how it can factor into a political campaign. we are 48-hours away now. thank you for bringing back the memories for us today of your father. >> thank you. more fox and friends a few minutes away. >> next tuesday all of you will go to the polls and stand there in the voting place and make a
9:56 am
decision. i think when you make that decision it might do well if you would ask yourself, are you better off than you were four years ago? concentrated broth in easy to use packets. mix it into skillet dishes, for an instant dose of... hell-o! [ female announcer ] get recipes at ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention.
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9:59 am
the whole time a grandmother was a millionaire and didn't know it. julie savara won a $23 million lottery jackpot back in may. but she never checked it until recently. california lotto officials released this surveillance photo of the person who bought the ticket. it was her daughter. she found the ticket in her glove compartment. if she waited just 25 more days she would have lost the entire jackpot. but she didn't. suddenly her life -- >> for tomorrow i want to tell you now if your power is going back on make sure to turn off the breaker. if you have an

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